Attorney Who Made Hillary Clinton Pay Wants Joe Biden to Come Clean

Hillary Clinton’s campaign fined Dan Backer $113, 000 for lying about money Perkins Coie paid. However, they used the money to create the Steele Dossier. He is now continuing to hold Democrats responsible on behalf of another client. Backer represents The Committee to Defeat The President, an anti-Biden PAC. He is pressing the Federal Election Commission to declare Joe Biden a Candidate in the 2024 Election.

In October 2021, Backer filed a formal complaint to the FEC. Based on public statements, it claimed that President Biden was eligible to run for re-election in 2020. The FEC launched an investigation but has not ordered the Biden campaign to rectify the situation. Backer, however, noted that the Trump campaign had filed the proper paperwork for 2020 on Inauguration day 2017. Backer also wrote to the FEC earlier this week asking them to force Biden to follow federal law.

This letter confirms that Biden’s principal campaign team, Biden for the President and the Biden Victory fund, have not amended their Statements of Organization so they can show that they are spending money for political gain and raising funds to support Biden’s 2024 presidential bid. Backer claims that failure to do so will deprive the public of the campaign finance information it has right under the law.

The United States Code requires that every candidate for federal office must designate in writing a primary campaign committee within 15 days of becoming eligible. This requirement is met by the candidate filing a Statement of Candidacy with FEC. Biden submitted an amended Statement to the Candidate on or around November 6, 2020. It stated that he was a presidential candidate for the 2020 election and not the 2024 election. The Biden Victory fund was identified as an authorized committee to raise funds on his behalf.

A candidate is defined by the code as someone who has received or designated another person to receive more than $5,000 in contributions, or has made more than $5,000 in expenditures on his behalf. Since Election Day 2020, the Victory Fund has solicited and accepted $1.9million in contributions. These contributions are not allowed unless Biden declares his candidacy for 2024 and appoints The Fund as an authorized fundraising team.

Federal law requires candidates to report all funds they spend on campaigns. The PAC will also be able to change the way it classifies funds spent against Biden’s reelection. The FEC would declare Biden a candidate and allow the Committee to Defeat President to start campaigning against Biden via independent expenditure advertising campaigns. These funds would then be properly reported by the Committee to Defeat President. Backer claims that if Biden’s team spends money in 2024 for political gain, it isn’t being reported correctly. Backer also stated that there has been additional evidence to support the claim that Biden is running for reelection in 2024. The letter refers to an article in New York Intelligencer.

Biden has not yet officially announced his candidacy for a second term. However, he believes there is no doubt that he will be running. He stated that “That’s what I expected” early in his tenure. Nine months later, he said “Yes!” to an interviewer, still sighing performatively at the necessity of repeating it.

According to the article, Biden’s aides believe that he has stated clearly his intention to run for office:

“People often ask me, “When is Biden going out and say what his plans are?” “An exasperated adviser to Biden told me recently.” And I respond, “Well, he has!”

Gabriel Debenedetti’s Intelligencer story focuses on the confusion in the Democrat Party over Biden running again. Debenedetti notes:

“Relatively few people outside of the White House fully buy it [Biden running].” Trumpism is regaining its strength, and ambivalence over Biden’s age, political standing, and his image, Vice President Kamala Harris, is fueling skepticism.

Backer said that he didn’t think Biden would run again. He also stated, “Democrats are wishful thinking” about Biden running for the nomination in 2024. He’s spent 50 years ruining America and is now looking for this job. He won’t leave the race willingly.”

Debenedetti’s sources seem agreeable:

One of his advisors says that it’s been his whole life. It’s like a shark swimming. It’s how he keeps alive.” Another top Democrat says, “He was told that he couldn’t do it in ’16. He wins in ’20, but everyone rolls their eyes at him. He would be right, so why is he saying that? “I am old.”

Backer calls on the FEC for Biden to correct his filing so that the campaign can start. He noted that it was outrageous Biden refused to comply with federal law. “And again, the FEC seems content just to stand by and do nothing.”