Horrible Ratings for The Jan. 6 Committee Production

The Jan. 6 Committee production numbers are in. It was obvious that it wouldn’t go as planned based on the number of people tuning out. It didn’t go well at all.

Joe Concha, The Hill’s media man, says that it is much smaller than regular newscasts, which don’t have primetime.

Concha stated, “Context: On a typical evening, the evening newscasts of CBS, NBC, and ABC average 18 to 20 million viewers.” These newscasts don’t air in primetime. Only 11+ million viewers tuned in to those same networks for the January 6 hearings.

Newsbusters reports that “evening newscast audiences” on any given night were 1.6 times greater than total broadcast viewers who watched the hearings on Thursday. However, most people have seen the majority of the material and it was from about a year and a half ago. Many people don’t see it as a legitimate committee but rather as a political trial.

Joe Biden’s March “State of the Union” address attracted 38 million viewers. The first “State of the Union” address by President Donald Trump attracted 45.6 million viewers in 2018. In 2019, it was 46.8 million.

The CBS Free Beacon explained that it didn’t work out for them.

According to the TV Rating Guide, only 3.24 million viewers watched Thursday’s coverage of the “Capitol Assault Hearings.” A CBS Young Sheldon rerun was watched by 3.86 million viewers one week before. This means that an older episode of the come-of-age sitcom drew 600,000 more viewers per hour than the original hearing.

This gap is even greater for Young Sheldon episodes. For example, more than seven million viewers watched the finale of the fifth season of Young Sheldon, “A Clogged Pore and a Little Spanish and the Future” on CBS’s 8 p.m. on Thursday, May 19. A new episode entitled “Uncle Sheldon, a Hormonal Firecracker” was aired three weeks prior.

Although there were more people on MSNBC and CNN than usual, that’s not preaching to the choir. These are the people who already subscribe to the Democratic talking points. It doesn’t tell much and it’s not fulfilling the purpose of the political program. Independent Americans will be more dependent on the regular networks. Fox beat CNN and didn’t even show the hearing.

The bottom line? The Democrats were wrong. People don’t want to watch a political program. They blame Biden, and the Democrats, for the current failures. They are aware that Democrats are using this as their last chance before the midterms. They also know that the Democrats mocked President Donald Trump’s actions in 2020 when protesters were outside of the White House.

Andy Ngo, a journalist, has created a wonderful thread. I would guess that none of these people are being pursued by the FBI, or have a dedicated page despite the organized nature of the 2020 riots. Here are a few excerpts from his thread.