Pelosi Shows How Unethical She Is With Response to Assassination Attempt on Kavanaugh

In an attempt to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s wife, an armed man was taken into custody. You would have thought that the House would pass the bill to give justices more protection from the threats they are facing. According to Kevin McCarthy, Republican of California, House Minority Leader, you would think that the Senate passed the bill unanimously one month ago. However, the House Democrats blocked the bill again Wednesday night and are still stalling.

McCarthy pointed out that this is the same party that has supported political pressure on the judiciary. McCarthy noted Jen Psaki, former White House Press Secretary,’s remarks that failed to condemn protests trying to force the justices to rule as the Democrats want. This is a violation of federal law. She encouraged protests to continue outside of the justices’ houses and stated: “That’s my position.”

The leak of the draft opinion by SCOTUS was never condemned by Biden or the White House. McCarthy repeated the threats made by Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader, against Kavanaugh, and Justice Neil Gorsuch. McCarthy said, “You wouldn’t know what hit your” if you continue with these “awful decisions” — intimidation directed against justices in order to change their opinions.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.CA) doesn’t see any reason to approve the bill since the beginning of the month. The threats have only increased. On Wednesday, she was unconcerned again and seemed in no hurry. Reporters asked her why there was a threat to Justice Kavanaugh’s safety.

It seems so spiteful and petty of her to do this. She is not in a hurry to protect the justices she disagrees with. An assassination effort doesn’t speed her up. For her protection, during a three-hour riot, there were immediate fences that remained in place for several months. Although she sees Jan. 6 as a threat to democracy, she doesn’t see any danger from her actions or those of others who are left to preserve the independence and nonpolitical action of the Supreme Court.

She encouraged the public to press the justices to “improve” the opinion over the “first draft” a month ago. She said that “public opinion could do a lot.” The Supreme Court is not supposed to be concerned with public opinion and is not supposed to be subjected to political pressure. This is why they are granted life tenure. They should only think about making decisions based on the law or the Constitution. It is very concerning to see a House Speaker fail to grasp this basic concept and attempt to undermine the Court.

They must enforce the law against intimidation of justice, arrest them all, and Democrats should be pressured to condemn such actions. Fox’s Dana Perino points out that if Biden or the Democrats do not take a stand on this issue, they are complicit.

This is a sign of how little they care about “our democracy” or the law.