Judge Orders Female Students Suing Sorority to Admit Biological Males Names Publicly to Proceed With Lawsuit

Seven female students at the University of Wyoming who anonymously filed a lawsuit against their sorority for admitting a biological man who identifies as a woman were ordered by a U.S. District Court judge to reveal their names to move forward with the case.

The women who identified themselves as “Jane Doe” twice asked to remain anonymous during the legal proceedings. However, U.S. district court judge Alan B. Johnson denied their requests.

The Cowboy State Daily reported that Johnson had ordered the female students to “reveal their names” if they wanted the case to proceed.

Six out of seven students who originally filed the complaint against the Sorority chose to reveal their identities to the public. One female dropped out of the suit.

All of the women who are pursuing the case at this time are current students and members of Kappa Gamma, a sorority.

In September last year, students sued the sorority because it allowed a transgender woman, Artemis Langford to join its chapter. Langford’s original name was Terry Smith because the students did not want to “hurt or attack Langford, and hoped to see Langford treated with respect and kindness.”

According to Cowboy State Daily’s report, the lawsuit claimed that the officers of the sorority broke their contract with the transgender members and violated their fiduciary duties to the sorority.

The lawsuit also claimed that the sorority leader “betrayed the understanding of what the members were joining and the Sorority’s guiding documents.”

“Plaintiffs are now required, as a condition of membership,” the suit stated, “to reside in the same house as a 6’2″, 260-pound man who stares at them, asks about their intimate past, makes notes about their statements and takes photographs of them without their consent, and intimidates them by threatening to publicly label them bigots if they raise concerns.”

The female members of the sorority accused Langford of “watching” other members of their house. The females claimed that Langford had a visible “erection” during one of the peeping incidents.

According to the lawsuit, one woman member claimed that during another incident she “walked down the hallway to take a bath, wearing only a towel… She felt an unsettling presence and turned to see Mr. Smith silently watching her.”

Langford also questioned women “repeatedly” about the size of breast cups, how vaginal they looked, and whether or not they were considering birth control, as well as breast reductions.

According to the lawsuit, Langford’s Tinder profile showed that she is “sexually attracted to women.”

Now, the six female students have also sued Langford, hoping that the judge would order the expulsion of the biological man from the sorority. Students are not seeking damages in monetary terms.