Elon Musk Mocks Alyssa Milano And Other Celebrities Melting Down Over New Verification Rules

Elon Musk, the tech billionaire, mocked celebrities such as Alyssa Miao for issuing dire warnings on Twitter about changes to identity verification.

Milano asked Thursday if she could sue Musk for the policy change.

“So, by revoking the blue check mark I earned because I refused to pay some arbitrary charge, someone could just be me and tell a bunch ***. Does this mean Twitter or @elonmusk is liable for slander, identity theft or fraud? asked Milano.

It was pointed out by many that Milano is a Twitter user with more than 3,000,000 followers. A fake account with fewer followers will not fool anyone.

Ed Krassenstein, a left-wing activist, took up Milano’s case on Friday.

“The attacks against Alyssa are out of order.” Krassenstein said: “She brought up an issue that I believe many celebrities share.”

He added, “While you might not agree with Milano on this issue, she makes choices that almost every celebrity must make.”

Musk replied with a joke.

“We have set up a’save a celebrity fund’ in order to pay the $8. “We take this very seriously,” replied he.

Krassenstein believed it was a great idea to make the public pay to maintain celebrities’ liberal principles by paying for their blue checkmarks.

“LOL! “LOL! He replied.

Musk replied with two laughing emojis: “It is a real thing.”

Some celebrities and online personalities are leaving Twitter because of this policy change.

Musk’s defenders and many on the left were excoriated after Musk purchased the popular social networking platform for $44 Billion and promised to hold it more accountable to the principles of free speech.