Biden Jokes About Being a Dull President, Only Known for Ray-Ban Sunglasses and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Biden’s self-deprecating humor was evident Friday when he said, while standing to deliver a speech, that he is a very dull President only known for his sunglasses and love for chocolate chip ice cream.

“I’m sure you all loved sitting in the sun here, but it could be worse. It could be raining. It’s a beautiful day. And as that old phrase used to go, it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. And it is beautiful. Excuse me, I’m putting on my sunglasses so I can see,” Biden told the crowd gathered in the White House Rose Garden to see him sign an executive order on environmental justice.

“As I told my distinguished Massachusetts friend – a very good friend, Senator Markey, it’s very, very boring when you are known for only two things after all these decades in public life: Ray-Ban glasses and chocolate chip cookie ice cream.” Biden laughed as he said, “Very dull president.”

It’s not the first time Biden joked about his ice cream-eating habits. He was ridiculed by critics last month for making a joke about ice cream in his first public speech following a deadly shooting at a Christian School in Nashville that killed six people including three children.

“I eat Jeni’s ice cream — chocolate chip,” Biden told the audience in the White House East Room that he came because he heard about chocolate chip ice cream.

He added, “In fact, I’ve got a refrigerator upstairs that is full of it.” “Do you think I am kidding? I’m not.”

Biden is also known for wearing his Ray-Ban aviator glasses, which he often wears. Liberal media figures have often praised him over this.

The New York Times praised the return of Biden’s “Aviator Joe” sunglasses last year. They described them as though they had been on hiatus due to numerous challenges facing his presidency, including the war in Ukraine.

Vanessa Friedman, a fashion writer, wrote: “Aviator Joe has returned — just in time for his quasi-victory round.” As President Joseph R. Biden Jr. returns to Washington, D.C., and enters the White House for the Inflation Reduction Act 2022, his Ray-Bans 3025s, the dark, wire-rimmed, teardrop-shaped glasses he has made into his signature, once again seem to be the symbol of the man.

She continued by saying that the sunglasses are “a sign that he is on a roll at the moment.”