Journalist Gets the John McClane Treatment After Sudden Discovery About Twitter’s Rules

You’d think that the journalists might have calmed down after what was called the “Thursday Night Massacre” and temporarily suspended by Elon Musk, Twitter CEO because they were trying to make ends meet regarding Twitter’s policy regarding doxxing users. Their accounts were restored much faster than conservative accounts under the old regime.

But as of this writing, the wailing and gnashing of teeth from our intellectual betters in the press continues, as evidenced by a recent tweet from former writer Aaron Rupar, one of the most notoriously dishonest people on the social media platform.

Musk suspended Rupar on Thursday. Rupar appeared to be able to recall the moment when his account was reinstated, and how it felt to feel like they were being taken advantage of for arbitrary reasons.

Rupar moaned, “The rules are you can be banned for any reason.”

Keep in mind, however, that Rupar is well aware of the fact that he was suspended by Twitter for violating its privacy policy. Musk noted this in a piece Rupar wrote for Substack.

Rupar believes that he should be considered an exception to this rule. He is an “independent journalist” and relies heavily upon Twitter to promote his work. I should also mention that Rupar almost got a Georgia deputy fired when he posted a misleadingly edited clip on his Twitter page back in March 2021.

Aaron, what about his livelihood? Did that matter to you?

Rupar accidentally admitted that he knew how conservatives felt during the Dorsey/Roth era on Twitter. We know that conservatives and other like-minded people were routinely flagged and suspended for engaging in WrongSpeak, sometimes at the request of federal intelligence agencies. Some conservatives even gave Rupar the John McClane treatment.

“Welcome to our world, pal,” conservative commentator John Hawkins wrote in reply to Rupar. “Except for us, it was on every social network except Twitter until Elon took over. Enjoy the new perspective on how the other half lives.”

“Welcome to the party, pal” refers to this famous scene from the classic 1988 Christmas movie (?) “Die Hard”:

In case there’s anyone out there who feels one iota of sympathy for Rupar’s journalistic plight (and one that he will undoubtedly cash in on at a later point), take note of this:

Yeah … no.

Under the previous Twitter “leadership team,” Rupar routinely got away with things conservative accounts would have never been allowed to slide on. That he was suspended Thursday by Musk was long overdue. Now Rupar knows how it feels to have to worry about whether his access will be restored.

Will this mean Rupar has learned his lesson? Of course not. He’ll just keep on doing what he does because apparently clicks and RTs from like-minded “reporters” and appearances on far-left networks are far more important than journalistic integrity.