Top Georgia Official Calls Out Biden, Warnock For False Claims About Election

Brad Raffensperger, Georgia Secretary of State, called President Joe Biden (D-Ga.), and Senator Raphael Warnock(D-Ga.), for making debunked claims regarding voter suppression in Georgia’s Peach State.

Biden and other Democrats have repeatedly claimed that the Georgia election security law, passed last year, disenfranchises Georgia voters. They call it “Jim Crow 2.0” They claim that the law makes it more difficult to vote. Georgia had a record-breaking 2022 midterm election turnout, which disproves the claim.

Surprisingly Warnock maintained his narrative, despite winning another close election and securing his first term as U.S. Senator.

What did Raffensperger actually say?

In an essay published Sunday by the Wall Street Journal, the top Georgia official addressed Biden and Warnock’s “false claims”.

“Warnock gave his victory speech during [Warnock’s] election. He stated that just because voters endured the cold, rain, and other tricks to vote doesn’t necessarily mean that voter suppression is not possible. Raffensperger wrote that I believed I knew every conspiracy theory after the 2020 election. However, the idea Republicans control the weather to make voting harder for Democrats is new.

Raffensperger stated that Warnock believes electoral fairness is only in Democratic victories. He cited Warnock’s criticisms of Democrats losing elections and his praise for them when they win.

Raffensperger wrote that “Warnock’s & Biden’s stolen election claims would be laughable, if they weren’t so dangerous for public trust in elections.”

Raffensperger noted that Democrats don’t believe their own rhetoric regarding Georgia’s election laws. This is due to the fact the Democratic Party moved up Georgia’s primary elections to increase its influence in next year’s presidential election cycle.

What did Warnock do?

Raffensperger’s claims were disputed by the Georgia Democrat, but he did not engage in the substance of his criticisms.

Warnock, Monday’s CBS News interviewer, stated that “we shouldn’t assume that because we won that voter suppression was not an issue in Georgia.”

He continued, “The fact that people have had difficulty overcoming barriers doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t exist.” We saw seniors and college students in lines that stretched for hours. Perhaps he is content with this. I’m not. We can do better, I believe.”