Tucker Carlson Says What We’re All thinking About Ronna McDaniel and Elections

Tucker Carlson was on the Turning Point USA Amfest stage on Saturday and, true to form got to the core of the matter of GOP strategy (or lack thereof).

Carlson used the opportunity to talk about topics such as the importance of faith and the importance of American youth defending their religious beliefs and values. He reminded the audience to be “happy fighters”, a term that Andrew Breitbart, a great conservative media pioneer, coined in the early days of the conservative digital media movement.

“We are obligated to be happy warriors. No, I really mean that. We’re obligated.”

It can be easy to become bitter and angry when there is so much frustration and rage. Conservatives should remember that we are doing this for love, love of family, country, and faith. It is our duty to promote freedom with joy.

Despite this, it is not difficult to be annoyed when you look at the situation from the right side. Republican faithful are questioning Ronna McDaniel, RNC Chairwoman, and asking if it is right for her to continue in this lucrative job. The job of winning elections.

Carlson, a straight shooter who is a natural at pointing out the RedState Managing editor Jennifer Van Laar’s shocking report on the Chairwoman’s expenses at RNC’s helm was cited by Carlson. He asked the question that many are asking: What is the RNC doing to win future elections? Fox News star Fox News pointed out exactly what they aren’t doing: They’re spending hard-earned donations to ensure election victories.

You are selling Lululemon gear and catering, and losing elections. No!”

Carlson was referring specifically to Van Laar’s report that McDaniel spent almost $5,000 on Lululemon, a luxury brand of workout gear.

McDaniel is now unable to withstand the constitutional lawyer Harmeet Dhillon’s challenge and still has the support of the Republican base. For all intents and purposes, she is completely burned. It would be a dignifying act to accept her apology and allow the RNC to move forward with a new strategy.

There is no time to lose. Republicans can’t afford to sacrifice their victory for their ego. You can either change and adapt or give up the keys to the kingdom.

Perhaps the keys to Ronna McDaniel’s closet filled with Swarovski mementos.