Jordan Faces New Speaker Challenger After Scalise Drops Out

Since Kevin McCarthy, R-CA was removed from his position as Speaker of the House, Republicans have struggled to determine who would be his successor.

In a Tuesday secret conference vote, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise won the nomination by 113 to 99 over House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan (R – OH). After that vote, Scalise was unable to get the 217 votes required to win a vote in the full House.

Scalise announced his withdrawal from the race on Thursday evening. Rep. Austin Scott, R-GA, has now entered the race to take on Jordan for the Speaker’s gavel.

Scott confirmed the bid himself on X Friday night.

Scott said:

I’ve filed for Speaker of the House. We are in Washington for legislative purposes, and I would like to lead a House that functions in the interest of the American public.

Scott’s motivation for entering the contest is explained in more detail below:

Scott is an ally to Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La. Scott informed reporters that he wouldn’t support Jordan Thursday after allies of the majority leader believed Jordan and his supporters unfairly blocked No. The second Republican House member will take the gavel.

Scott’s inclusion in the race has been criticized by some for being a way to simply sway Jordan’s critics and to give the House GOP Conference another choice.

“Translation: the number of people voting for Austin is a slightly overstated proxy to represent Never Jordan voters. Other Republicans are holding their powder until Jordan realizes that he will not be able to reach 217, said a House Republican speaking under condition of anonymity.

Jordan, despite the fact that some members of the House have said they won’t support him in the Friday afternoon candidate forum, still expressed confidence that he could unite the conference.

House Republicans will vote for the next Speaker in a candidate forum on Friday afternoon. There are now two candidates, Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Austin Scott. This is the latest chapter in a battle for speakerships that has been rife with uncertainty and chaos.

Jordan will try to secure enough votes for the top position after Rep. Steve Scalise withdrew from the race on Thursday night. Scott, R. Ga., a member of the Armed Services Committee and close to GOP leadership, filed his candidacy for speaker on Friday afternoon.

The candidate forum at 1 p.m. on Friday will reveal how many House Republicans are in favor of Jordan before the official vote takes place. Some members of Congress have already left the city and will be called back to vote. Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy said to ABC News that Jordan is his vote.

This story is still developing. After the forum, we’ll be able to provide more information.