Did Biden Break the Law? Comer Demands Answers on Sensitive Docs

James Comer, the chair of the House Oversight Committee (R-KY), suggested that Joe Biden may have kept sensitive documents relating to his family’s foreign business relations. This could add new layers to the saga. Former President Donald Trump has been indicted on a similar charge.

The legal team of the president claims that classified documents were discovered at the Penn Biden Center on November 2, 2022. The committee, however, contradicts this claim.

Comer wrote to Robert Hur on Monday, asking him to provide information on the specific countries with which the Bidens had done business.

“The Committee has developed significant evidence regarding President Biden’s retention of classified materials at Penn Biden Center,” the letter reads. “Witness testimony, emails, and text messages establish there were at least five current and former White House employees who coordinated accessing boxes, which contained classified documents, between 2021 and October 2022.”

Comer continues

According to the Oversight Committee bank memoranda as well as the Impeachment Inquiry memo, there is evidence that President Biden could have used members of his own family, notably his son Hunter Biden, to collect millions of dollars for his family and himself from foreign individuals and companies. The Biden family did indeed receive millions of dollars in foreign funds while President Biden was in office, and afterward. The Committee must have access to any classified documents that President Biden mishandled that involved individuals or countries that had financial ties with the Biden family or related companies.

The letter continues to detail how the Bidens and their business associates “received substantial payments from individuals and businesses in China, Russia Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Romania”, and refers to evidence provided by the House Ways and Means Committee, which “identified more than 20 countries that had ties with the Bidens’ influence-peddling schemes.”

Comer stated that the committee is “concerned that President Biden might have retained sensitive documents relating to specific countries that involve his family’s business abroad.”

The chairman asked why Biden had kept the documents. He asked, “Of all the classified documents that President Biden has reviewed in his long career, why kept these specific documents at his home and office?” He noted that “there was no reasonable explanation” as to why five White House staffers “were given the task of obtaining purportedly private documents which were not subject to the Presidential Records Act.”

Comer demands information and documentation related to documents Biden had, including notes from interviews and a list naming countries and individuals in classified documents recovered.

This revelation raises even more questions, some of which Comer asked in his letter. Biden’s mishandled papers did any of them relate to countries in which his family has business interests? What are these documents and why did Biden keep them? Are there any documents that could reveal wrongdoing by Biden or his family members?

There is always the possibility that these documents contain nothing damaging. The fact that Biden’s team has not been transparent in this matter could indicate there is more to the story. This matter is still rife with questions and has more players involved than a Sunday evening poker game. Until the investigation is concluded, it is still clear that there is no clear answer.

Here is the link to the letter:

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