John Fetterman Remains Hospitalized but He’s Fit to Serve

Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa. was admitted to the hospital Wednesday after feeling lightheaded at a Senate Democratic retreat. Joe Calvello (Federman’s communications director) stated in a statement that although initial tests didn’t show any evidence of a stroke, doctors are conducting more tests and John will remain overnight for observation.

Fetterman is still at the hospital as of Friday morning.

A second stroke was declared out on Thursday. He is being monitored for signs and symptoms of any other problems, such as a seizure.

Calvello stated Thursday that John’s doctors at The George Washington University Hospital have ruled out a stroke based on the results from the MRI and all other tests they ran. “John is being closely monitored by an EEG to detect seizure signs. However, he is still being watched.”

Yes, Fetterman may have experienced more than just lightheadedness. Could I be wrong? Yes, it was true, but for a man who claimed he was fit to serve as a senator, he wasn’t able to stay there long and needed to be admitted to the hospital. Although the fact that he had to be admitted overnight for observation is not alarming, it seems that whatever is going on in his head is more serious than what his office is telling you.