Did U.S. Manufacturing Aid in the Construction of the Chinese Spy Balloon?

On Thursday, senators were given a classified briefing by the Pentagon. They were informed that the Pentagon believed that the Chinese balloon was partially manufactured from parts made in America. Officials didn’t give a definitive answer when asked this question.

After the briefing, Sen. Dan Sullivan (R.Alaska), stated that American companies should not be building spy satellites to be used against their citizens. “Maybe there’s not much to say about that,” he said. “But somebody asked about that, and nobody, nobody at that briefing said that it was not a problem. ‘”

Other concerns were raised by Missouri Senator Josh Hawley. He stated that another thing was made clear by the briefing: “Obviously, it was also crystal clear from the briefing how unprepared, completely unprepared the administration was and, frankly the Pentagon for this to occur.” Fox News Digital.

“And listen, they’ve already made public that they knew that previous balloon flights had been over U.S. territory and the United States in years gone by. They knew this already and had no idea how to handle the espionage balloon which flew right over the United States. It’s an amazing, unbelievable lack of planning. Hawley stated that major, major errors in judgment are common.

Fox News confirmed that the Chinese balloon was equipped with English writing according to a source who knew of classified briefings Thursday.

The State Department stated that it was confident that the balloon manufacturer had a close relationship with China’s military. According to information published on the PLA’s official procurement portal, they are an approved vendor.

Sullivan said also that he encouraged officials to keep briefings about the spy balloon. It was believed to have been hovering above Alaska last week, before crossing most of the U.S. continent before being shot down by a U.S. missile on Saturday.

U.S.-made parts could have ended up in a Chinese spy ball. Congress should first ask which company supplied the parts, and how did they end up on a green list for the Chinese military. Next, Congress must ban U.S.-based companies from selling or producing anything for the Chinese military.

It’s not surprising. Lenin was right to have this idea, as he said that Capitalists would sell him the rope with which he would hang them.