Joe Manchin Is Raising Hell Over Biden’s Implementation Of Inflation Reduction Act

Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), is furious at the Biden administration for its implementation of Inflation Reduction Act. This bill was only passed with Manchin’s support.

Politico reports that Manchin has been “raising hell” over the Biden administration’s implementation law. The law is now being called a “tax climate and health care” law by the media because it does not have anything to do with reducing inflation.

Manchin expressed concern about delayed guidance regarding the law’s tax credits on electric vehicles. He also wants “strict requirements for sourcing electric-vehicle batteries,” Politico reported. This would ensure that U.S. manufacturing is given a boost.

Manchin is also outraged that the White House has adopted the climate narrative as a law rather than promising domestic energy safety.

Manchin said to Politico, “I’ve been raising hell.” They act almost as if they have to send $7,500 in order for a person to buy a car. This is absurd and ridiculous thinking by the federal government. They are doing something that I absolutely disagree with.

Manchin spoke out for Democrats who want to stop oil and gas production.

This is bullshit. They’re going to basically starve us of the energy we have because of their aspirations. He spoke out about his Democratic colleagues to Politico. “I will fight on and I will do all I can to ensure the public understands what they are doing and how it will affect you, your economy, and your life.”

Manchin introduced legislation last month that would stop the disbursement EV tax credits from being paid until the Biden administration complies to the Inflation Reduction Act’s strict guidelines.

The Treasury Department will soon finalize guidelines for tax credits. This is several months after the Dec. 31, 2022 deadline. The tax credit can be used by Americans in the interim, provided they adhere to the Inflation Reduction Act guidelines.