Woke Church of England Votes to Bestow Prayers for God’s Blessings on Same-Sex Marriages

The Church of Wokeism is still in transition from the Church of England. I reported that the Church of Wokeism had changed the lyrics of the 1815 hymn “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”, and that bishops voted to bestow blessings on same-sex marriages on Thursday.

Shocked? Me, neither.

Breitbart reports that same-sex marriages in England will be blessed by “prayers to God’s blessing” within the Church of England, for the first time following a vote at General Synod. This is the legal body of the established church of England.

Synod members voted “repent” and “lament” for the Church’s refusal to accept LGBTQI+ persons, and the “harm” that they have suffered — in the Church.

Breitbart provides more information on the same-sex marriage vote.

The measure was approved by the House of Bishops 36 to 4, with two abstentions. The House of Bishops voted for the measure with a vote of 112 votes to 85 and three abstentions. The measure was defeated by the House of Clergy, which voted 3 to 1. The measure was approved by the House of Laity, who voted 103 to 92 in favor with five abstentions.

According to a statement, two of the most prominent bishops voted in favor of the change: Stephen Cottrell (Archbishop of York) and Justin Welby (“Archbishop of Canterbury”).

The Church of England will welcome gay couples into its churches.

What is the explanation? What assurance can Catholic faithful Catholics offer to alleviate their fears of praying for God’s blessing in a practice they reject morally?

The bishops said that they hoped today’s prayerful, thoughtful discussion would mark a new beginning in Church’s search to find a way forward. They continued to listen to each other and, most importantly, to God. We will pray for unity and love in the church as Jesus did.

Let me simply say that the hollow statement of the bishops was nothing but transparent, meaningless pandering by Church members against homosexual marriages.

Daniel Matovu (Barrister and Lay General Synod member) criticized the proposal by the bishops calling it a “fiasco.”

The way that the bishops have handled this issue thus far is disastrous. It’s all about Jesus Christ, who is the author and perfecter of our faith.

In 1 John 5:3, it says: ‘This is love for God, to obey his commands.’ Where does the Church get its doctrine on marriage? It comes directly from God. In Genesis II, God the Father instituted marriage between a man and a woman.

It is obvious that the Bishops don’t see the inconsistency between the draft prayers and Canon B:30, the doctrine of marriage. They should have asked Specsavers to bless them.

Oh, that’s a nice jab at the end.

There’s more!

Later in the year, the church bishops will launch a project to address gendered language around God. It is possible that phrases such as “Our Father” will be dropped to make way for neutral or feminine alternatives. Some in the church believe that associating God with men has resulted in sexism within the religion. ”

The Church of England is also being affected by the fall of woke society. God knows.


I don’t care — nor is it my business — what consenting adults believe or do. That includes with or to other consenting adults, behind closed doors. But I very much care about various disparate groups demanding I embrace — vs. accept — their ideologies, practices, or causes. And don’t get me started on the indoctrination of America’s children by school systems we used to trust.