Joe Rogan Searches for the Reason CNN’s Anchors Should Be Fired

CNN is believed to be getting ready for more axes. Joe Rogan cheers on the chopper.

According to the New York Post, a new boss had remodeling in mind.

Sources informed The Post that CNN would undergo major changes under the leadership of Chris Licht, [new CNN CEO]. Licht is a former executive producer on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert as well as MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

The official start of this shift was the firing of Brian Stelter (on-air legend).

This occurrence was previously covered:

CNN pulled the plug on Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources program. He was fired.

Stelter closed his show with a delusional talk in which he claimed to be an angel fighting evil fascists.

This is the inspiration behind this ingenious soliloquy

It is not partisan for people to promote democracy, decency, and dialogue.

Although it may not be partisan news, it is not news. News doesn’t decide what is right and wrong. It doesn’t make demagoguery decisions. News reports only objective facts, not Brian Stelter’s interpretations. He sees “decent” as “Democrat”. The show “Reliable Sources” was not new.

Brian made a consistent observation regarding Joe Rogan in February, without ever bothering with research about his profession. Stelter believed the MMA man to be a journalist.

“Frauds such as Rogan can only be trusted by those who don’t trust real newsrooms. We face a…problem that is much bigger than Spotify and much more than any single platform… but that’s what it is right now. ”

A CNN shakedown, America’s most listened-to and widest-reaching podcaster has thoughts.

It is possible to recall that Joe, a COVID-positive person, was using “horse dewormer,” also known as Ivermectin.

Joe Rogan Experience’s Friday edition featured an interview with a host who claimed CNN had even fooled his face.

“One of the things that drove me nuts about when they were so mad at me about COVID, forget about the fact that CNN literally used a filter on my face to make me look jaundiced. … We’ve shown side-by-side clips of the original video that I posted on Instagram… And then they took that and put it through a filter that made me look yellow.”


He said, “But all those people are gone now, which is hilarious”. “All those CNN employees”.

“They’re all on the chopping boards. Don Lemon is also on the board. Jim Acosta. It’s hilarious. ”

None have been included in the “news”.

Jim Acosta was a journalist for many years. It was absurd considering that he wasn’t.

Enemy of the People was published in 2019 by Jim. He vented his disgust at the news via the book:

In this Trump age, neutrality is not helpful for its own sake.

Don Lemon doesn’t like newsiness. Last June he faced the facts.

“When Donald Trump, the President of United States of America was called a fraudster, con, and fraudster, it was because of the facts of his tax returns and his history of non-payment of people. However, I do have a point of view.

Don’t do it!

This, as Darth Vader’s voice has long told us, is CNN.

Joe Rogan’s “point of view”:

They should be fired for being so terrible at their jobs.