FBI Gets Defensive After Zuckerberg Revealed Facebook Warned of Incoming Misinformation Before Hunter Biden Laptop Story

The FBI is currently doing some damage control after Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, disclosed that the FBI had warned his company about misinformation just before the Hunter Biden laptop scam broke.

Joe Rogan interviewed Zuckerberg on the Joe Rogan Experience. He admitted that Hunter Biden’s laptop story had been censored on his social media platform. His leftist “fact-checkers,” always on the lookout to find political misinformation, quickly covered up the Hunter story via Facebook and other social media platforms.

Zuck claims it’s because the FBI reached them before they broke about fake news.

The FBI has also defended itself. The FBI claims that social media sites have been warning companies about possible misinformation for years. While it cannot direct them to act, NBC News reports that the FBI can alert them about a potential threat.

Friday night’s statement by the FBI stated that it provided companies with “foreign threat indicators” to help them protect their customers and platforms. However, it could not direct companies to take action on the information it received.

“The FBI regularly informs U.S. government entities, including social media providers, about possible threat information in order to better protect themselves against threats,” stated the agency.

It doesn’t make them look any better. When they said that the Hunter laptop story was misinformation, and then later admitted to it to Facebook, it shows that they are serial offenders with news suppression. Their knowledge of how they can influence the company’s operations is well-known and they openly use it to manipulate the news cycle to their advantage.

The Hunter Biden laptop story was being told even though the main story wasn’t known to them. On social media, the Hunter Biden laptop story began to be manipulated. This manipulation is just in case.

The FBI did exactly the opposite of what it was trying to do. They didn’t notice that the laptop with incriminating evidence belonging to Hunter Biden was not on the lamb.

It’s something I don’t believe, and you shouldn’t believe it either. They tried to use the power of a government law enforcement arm to control social media companies and suppress or ban the information.