Dana Loesch Points out the Hypocrisy of Anti-Gun Groups After Armed Antifa Members Brandish AR-15s

If you show up legally with a legal firearm, you might end up having your photo posted on Twitter by an anti-gun group. They will tell everyone how dangerous it was to be out with your weapon. You will be called many names and accused of doing all kinds of horrible things. This is just one reason America should restrict firearms.

Until you use firearms to support causes that they are able to get on board with, it is okay.

We reported previously that Antifa thugs stood guard at a drag show for children.

Men dressed in drag dance in front of children in provocative clothing. Parents encouraged their children to give them money. Although the Antifa members tried to intimidate people from protesting, it didn’t work. They were still used by protesters to argue directly with attendees.

You’d think these self-righteous antigun groups would be all over assault weapons of war that can fire 10,000 rounds per second and could blow out a lung right?


Dana Loesch, a radio host, points out that there was not a peep from anti-gun groups.

Loesch said, “Notice how none of the Bloomberg-created anti-2A mother groups had one critical word regarding Antifa open carry rifles at an β€˜all ages drag brunch,”

She added, “They always threatened SWAT open carriers. Just wondering where their devotion is to their cause.” In a follow-up tweet.

Loesch brings up an excellent point. Loesch makes a great point. It would seem that these groups disappear when leftists have firearms.

They are just like any other leftist advocacy organization, and they choose who gets the outrage. Antifa, a radical leftist group that can hold rifles in front of grooming events and “Moms demand” won’t even say a word about it, but if there were a line supporting veterans of 2A standing as a wall before a gun range on “teach you kid to shoot day”, there would be a lot of statements and fundraising emails.

It really just goes to show that these leftist groups are just scams in disguise.