Leftists Lose It on CNN’s Jake Tapper After Making the Mistake of Doing Something a Moderate Would

Jake Tapper isn’t considered a moderate. Tapper has made it clear that he supports the left and will jump on any bandwagon even slightly suggesting that it might be anti-Trump. Sources say Tapper is among the few people likely to be removed from CNN as CNN continues to eliminate leftist influence.

Tapper might be trying to be a little more moderate, it seems. Tapper may be trying to save himself from the falling ax or to present himself as a centrist journalist who can see things from both sides in order to find his next employer.

Tapper tweeted an article from the Washington Examiner about how Mehmet Oz could defeat John Fetterman, as first reported by Caleb Howe of Mediaite.

Tapper did not offer any commentary. Tapper was, as everyone knows, giving people a glimpse at how the right might approach Fetterman.

It doesn’t matter. Tapper’s willingness to mention a right-leaning website on his account, without having it be followed by “are racist heterophobes”, was enough to send the leftist blue-checked outrage brigades into overdrive. Tapper was the victim of a torrential outpouring of hate and anger. Some claimed he was trying to join Fox News. Others accused him of trying to impress his boss Chris Licht. Many saw it as a sign of CNN’s reversal and that journalism was dead.

Andy Kindler dealt Tapper the most severe blow…he is a Trump supporter and secret Trump fan.

However, not all people are right. Tapper’s leftism during the age of Zucker was a positive thing, but CNN’s parent company Warner Bros. clearly is making efforts to break free from the chains of woke culture or hard-leftism. David Zaslav, Warner CEO, is currently on a mission to clean up the company’s hard-left influence at great cost. CNN is included in this effort, which includes a network that fell so deeply into the Democrat Party’s dark recesses it had become a propagandist network. Zaslav suggested that Warner’s news channel was now an “advocacy organization” and that it would be reorganized to return to the center.

This all began with Brian Stelter’s firing and the end of his show “Reliable sources”. He was known for being a hard-left program with an unhealthy obsession with Fox News.

Tapper could be seeing the signs and tweeting right-leaning sources to try and appear moderate and save himself his career. However, the damage may already be done. We will see what happens in the next months, but ex-CNN viewers should be prepared for hosts who are more ideological than usual.