Jake Tapper Sends Top Democrat Into Tizzy For Exposing Dems’ Two-Faced Rhetoric

Jake Tapper, CNN anchor, grilled Sean Patrick Maloney (D.N.Y.), Wednesday over his two-faced rhetoric that attacked Republicans for being “election deniers” while boosting their primary campaigns.
Maloney is the chairman of Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

What’s the background?
Democrats spent over $53 million on primary elections to boost Republicans they thought would be easy foes in the general election.

Democrats supported candidates who supported Donald Trump, and may even have doubts about the outcome of the 2020 presidential elections. While Democrats are now praising Republican “election deniers”, they did indeed interfere in primary elections to boost the same candidates — at an effective rate.

What was the story on CNN?
Tapper asked Maloney about his recent remarks in which he implied that only Republicans were guilty of questioning legitimacy of elections. Then Tapper confronted him over Democratic election-meddling.

Tapper stated, “The fact is Democrats writ wide have spent $53million supporting far-right candidate — election deniers — during the primaries including the DCCC.” Aren’t these election deniers, which you are also warning about, a part of the responsibility for the undermining democracy you have amplified?

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Maloney exasperatedly replied, “Oh My God!” Before denying that the DCCC supported any candidate it now claims to have influenced democracy, Maloney first responded, “Oh my God!”

Tapper quickly verified his claims.

“Come on! Tapper retorted, “You guys were boosting John Gibbs. A MAGA Republican and election denier. You thought Gibbs would make it easier for your Democratic candidate. You boosted him. This is the only reason he won the race!

Tapper presses DCCC Chair to investigate Dem spending in Republican primary elections
Maloney reacted by accusing Tapper, who he said was trying to be “kinda cute” for challenging his views. However, he acknowledged that the DCCC did spend money on Gibbs. However, he tried to minimize the situation by saying that only $400,000 of a budget of $340 million was spent on it by DCCC.

Tapper replied by highlighting the irony in Democratic hypocrisy. He noted that the DCCC, in boosting Gibbs helped defeat Rep. Peter Meijer, (R-Mich.).

“When people like yourself say, “Where are all the good Republicans?”–you help defeat one of them! Tapper exclaimed.

Maloney ended up defending the support and stating that he would not exercise “defeatism.”