Man Charged With Allegedly Issuing Assassination Threats to Illinois Republican Gubernatorial Candidate and His Family

In Illinois, a man from Chicago allegedly made threats to the Republican candidate for governor and his family. According to police, the 21-year-old suspect left a terrifying voicemail threatening to assassinate Darren Bailey. He later bragged about his death threats to his friends.

According to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, Scott Lennox was charged with a felony charge of threatening a public officer, harassment by telephone communications, and harassment through electronic communications. His bail was set at $75,000.

Lorraine Scaduto, the prosecutor, said that Lennox was at a bar with his friends when a political advertisement aired on TV. This infuriated Lennox. According to his friends, he got into a heated argument about Illinois state senator Darren Bailey – who is also the Republican nominee for governor.

According to the police report, Lennox left Bailey’s Springfield office a voicemail around 10:27 p.m.

According to prosecutors, Lennox stated that he would skin Darren Bailey alive to make sure he is still breathing and that he would feed his f***ing loved ones as he was screaming in f***ing pain.

“He is a racist white a** piece of s***, and frankly, if he doesn’t kill himself, then I will.” What do you know? “I know where he resides. I know where his bed is. I know where his children sleep. Lennox claimed that he threatened to kill him if he didn’t disclose the school where his children were enrolled.”

Lennox claimed that Lennox said, “The candidate teaching all the mother f***ing misinformation will die.” “So, he should just kill him before anything else.”

Bailey was allegedly told by Lennox in the voicemail, “So f*** he for being a piece s**t.” “So, you know what? I will take any and all things. What do you know? I’m going to make him cry. I will make him cry and suffer. Yeah, that’s right. He better get rid of himself. If he doesn’t, I will kill him.”

According to reports, Lennox said that he doesn’t like the current Illinois governor. J.B. Pritzker is also a snob, but he loathes Bailey more than Bailey, even to the point where threatens assassination.

Lennox also made comments in a voicemail about abortion, although prosecutors have not revealed his remarks.

The campaign website for Bailey states:

Darren, a man of faith is proud to be pro-life and will continue to fight for the rights of the unborn. Darren believes in life’s sanctity and voted against Illinois’ extreme expansion and overhaul of abortion access. Darren is against taxpayer and state funding of abortions. He will defend innocent lives as Governor.

The caller ID revealed Lennox’s number. A Bailey employee reported the menacing message to both the Illinois State Capitol Police (IL State Police) and the Illinois State Police on Monday.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the threats led to the “schools associated with Bailey and his family in southern Illinois” being “placed under soft lockdown.”

Bailey was also given an additional security detail and told to “avoid appearing in public” while police investigated.

Lennox was interviewed by Chicago Police Department officers. Scaduto claims that Lennox told police that he left the disturbing voicemail for shock value to his friends.

According to police, the suspect showed police text messages he had sent to friends regarding the incendiary message. He even boasted about being a “political terror”!

Lennox boasted of the threatening voicemail he received from four of his friends.

“Dude. Man, three f***ing cops arrived. Bro, they said that [Bailey] was now on lockdown and that he must be surrounded by security,” Lennox wrote in a Snapchat message. It included four crying and laughing emoticons.

According to CWBChicago, Lennox stated that “I don’t feel bad about it.”

Lennox exclaimed, “Dude! I’m a terrorist.” “I sent [Bailey] a super threatening message – legal quotes – and now the cops want to ‘ask’ me questions. ‘”

One of the friends replied, “Not sending anonymous messages? Rookie mistake.”

According to reports, Lennox replied, “No, dude.” “Normally, I would have done it but I wanted to let him know that I had left a voicemail.” “His entire family is under lockdown, Dude. ” “I feel so f***ing accomplished.”

According to reports, the recipient said that Lennox was a great candidate for election participation. If officials don’t fear, then something is wrong.

Lennox purportedly responded, “Haha. It’s so true.”


Lennox said to a third friend, “Yeah brother, I’m a f***ing terror.”

According to reports, the recipient replied, “I don’t want to be associated avec these texts in case police investigate your smartphone, so please delete them.”

Lennox said, allegedly, “Aight. Technically, it is illegal for a legal department to look into Snapchat without a warrant. Literally, I understand all the laws that govern this s**t.”

Lennox was allegedly ridiculed by the friend. LOL.”

Lennox, a friend, was asked by a friend who Darren Bailey was. He replied, “It’s a butt f***ing motherf***ing candidate for Illinois governor.” He is a racist. He and his family are now under lockdown. It’s a wonderful thing.

Lennox was detained on Monday at 10:10 p.m. after police looked over the messages on social media.

Judge Susana Ortiz stated that the threat was not intended to send a rambling message but to convey the threat. Ortiz also said that social media conversations show that there is no remorse and that they take pleasure in all that has resulted.

Ortiz stated, “It simply won’t be tolerated.”

Bailey responded by saying that “divisive, inflammatory, and misleading rhetoric is driving hate across our state as some attempt to label political opponents as danger some threats.”

Bailey stated, “Whether we agree on policies or not, we are all Americans.” “I pray that this young man receives the support he requires.” “We must unite Illinois and fight for every Illinoisan’s safety and prosperity.”

Pritzker tweeted: “The violence and division that we see across our country are unacceptable.” Illinois is not a place for hateful acts of violence in any form.

Pritzker previously referred to Bailey as a Trump extremist.

“Darren Bailey is a menace to democracy. Pritzker stated that Bailey has been surrounded by Jan. 6th insurrectionists during the last month’s debate. “He should not be allowed anywhere near the governor’s office.”

Pritzker stated that “He is frankly too extreme for Illinois” during the final debate. “Darren Bailey is completely out of touch with Illinois in general.”

Bailey replied, “His gender problems are so extreme. Gov. Pritzker is fine with injecting his gender curriculum into our schools, which is the first in the country. Woke ideology. That’s too extreme, I think.”

Pritzker leads Bailey in polls leading up to the election.