Is Biden Really THIS Delusional?

President Joe Biden used a familiar phrase during his keynote speech to this week’s Democratic National Committee holiday parties.

Biden assured several hundred wealthy donors that his party would win in 2022. Biden stated that he knew what he was for. Republicans appear to have no interest whatsoever in any of this. It’s possible to name me anything they are against, but it’s difficult to imagine what they would support if Democrats asked.

This is hypocrisy.

Republicans let Democrats increase the federal debt limit without having to force an open-roll vote. Their support for the bipartisan infrastructure bill also helped Biden win a legislative victory.

They opposed the Biden administration’s deceitful push for taking over elections and perpetuating inflation by spending billions of progressive entitlements and pursuing a profligate Green New Deal that would cater to our economic needs for urbane elites. They also opposed the COVID hysteria and the woke agenda.

This is what the opposition party should be doing. Are Democrats so open to Trump’s agenda 2017-2021

Biden was able to provide vaccines, and the economy was on track for a rebound when he was elected. The president had to keep his promise and beat COVID-19.

The virus has now claimed the lives of 800,000. Biden was responsible for more than half of these deaths.

President lost his focus and submitted to Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a socialist, who he lost for the nomination.

He was given a coronavirus stimulant to discourage work and then he spent money on partisan priorities. Instead of listening and addressing real problems, he’s trying to implement the radical Sanders agenda.

He was not elected. Biden is a minority member in the House, with a small majority and split senator.

Most Republicans, my friends, and I believe that allowing citizens to make their own decisions is the best thing that the government can do. Let the government go.

It is the fact that both Biden (and Democrats) are 79 years of age that has created so many problems for the country, including an inflation rate greater than any other time in 40 decades.

This is also why, despite Biden’s predictions, his party will be defeated next November.

Corrupt Hillary Clinton emerges in the race for 2024.