CNN Has a Serious Pervert Problem

CNN has what kind of corporate culture? It’s evident by the behavior of certain employees that it is a culture that encourages sexual degenerates.

Exhibit A was taken in October 2020 when COVID-19 corporate Zoommania was at its height. CNN had to send Jeffrey Toobin, a legal analyst, on leave. He whipped it out and slapped it during a live conference with The New Yorker. Toobin was not a shining example of moral virtue before the incident. A little more than a decade ago Toobin’s out-of-control sexuality got him in trouble when he had a child with Jeff Greenfield, a former CNN colleague. Toobin’s progeny would be taken into his hands only if Toobin was ordered to have a paternity test done by the court.

CNN shocked many last summer when it returned Toobin back to the network. It seems like there is a shortage of people capable of performing the complex work that Toobin does or something. According to the New York State penal code, exposing oneself can result in a maximum of 15 days imprisonment and a $250 fine. Public lewdness, on the other hand, is a Class A misdemeanor that can lead to up to 3 months imprisonment and up to $500. As we all know, laws are not for us little people.

Chris Cuomo was another, and he might have survived the scandal of using his work connections in order to help his brother, a woman-molester, former governor of New York. Andrew Cuomo. CNN appears to have found additional problems in its investigation of the anchor.

According to the new allegations, they were made by a former colleague of Cuomo. The accuser claimed that when they worked together at ABC, Cuomo grabbed her buttocks during a 2005 party. Debra Katz, the famous accuser, is representing Christine Blasey Ford, who made the ludicrous allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. Katz is apparently known for vaguely feminist and dimly-remembered gropings at long ago drinking parties.

Cuomo was fired the following week when another sex crime was committed by the Most Trusted Name In News. The feds took John Griffin, Chris Cuomo’s friend, and colleague, off the payroll.

That bombshell has not gone unnoticed, either. Now, guerrilla journalist group Project Veritas has published a report alleging yet another potential child pedophile lurking on CNN’s employees.

This report is based on an interview with Janine Bonanni, Veritas’s source. Bonanni, who was formerly a sex worker is now a case manager of victims of human trafficking and domestic violence as well as sexual assault victims. According to Bonanni, she has been in a relationship with a CNN producer for more than ten years. She claims that they met while she was being trafficked and that he hired her to have sex.

According to Bonanni, Bonanni’s producer friend, he has been saying disturbing things lately. He lives with his fiancée and their three children, the oldest of which is a 14-year-old girl. This girl is a firebrand for her future stepdad.

Bonanni said that she was abused around the same time as her fiance’s daughter and was therefore deeply disturbed by the things she was hearing. Bonanni was concerned that the girl would end up being a minor victim and took advantage of her long-term relationship with the producer to encourage him to talk about his sick obsession.

Bonanni stands to profit financially from her accusations. Project Veritas assists in publicizing fundraisers for its sources. Sources often lose their jobs or social networks as a result. It’s possible that she was recording and goading the man she accuses with the intention of blackmailing him. Even if this were true, it is not likely that the guy sent her creepy, vulgar messages about the minor girl he lives with.

CNN might consider putting aside a portion of its “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” consultants and spending some on “Morality, Dignity and Basic Human Decency experts.