Florida Man Kicked Off Airline With Thong Mask

United Airlines kicked a Florida man off a flight after he wore a bright red thong to protest their face-masking mandate.

Adam Jenne, a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., resident, stated that “I believe the best way to demonstrate absurdity is to use absurdity.”

He said that every flight was met with different reactions by the crew. Some with wild appreciation, some with confrontational.

Other passengers followed suit after being taken off the plane.

Jenne stated that his actions were similar to Rosa Parks’.

“Everything that has brought about a change in this country started with everyday people. Rosa Parks was famous. She changed the course history.”

United Airlines was not amused.

“The customer clearly was not in compliance with federal mask mandate. We appreciate that our team addressed it on the ground prior to takeoff, and avoided any potential disruptions to the air,” the airline stated in a statement.