In The Midst of Skyrocketing Crime and Homelessness, Los Angeles Creates New Chief Heat Officer

Los Angeles is no longer the City of Angels. It has become the City of Anarchy.

We all know the many problems facing LaLa Land. There is an overwhelming homeless problem, open-air drug markets, high-profile smash-and-grab crimes, rising gas prices, traffic, and skyrocketing housing costs… the list goes on.

California lost so many people to the chaos that it lost a seat in the United States Congress. It might have lost even more if the census had been taken later. People are fleeing their homes in droves.

Los Angeles has many pressing problems and bureaucrats are creating yet another bureaucratic office. This is the Chief Heat Officer…naturally.

Friday’s announcement by city officials was the opening of the new office, and Marta Segura was appointed to the post.

Segura will “coordinate the city’s response in extreme heat events,” and organize with state agencies to create a “heat action program.”

Experts claim that this position is needed to combat the allegedly rising temperatures in the coming 30 years.

Experts agree that it is necessary, and predict that L.A. will be subject to five times as many heat waves per year by the middle century than now.

FEMA also identified L.A. County as among the most at-risk of heat waves and other natural hazards.

Evidently, the new position is very different from the one Segura held previously as director of the Office of Climate Emergency Mobilization.

Angelenos will feel more secure already. They now have two climate czars. The climate is not in danger!

Although we could look at each other and say “Only in California!” Phoenix and Miami have similar offices.