Musk Leaves Biden in the Dust After Joe Tries to Take a Shot at Him

Elon Musk’s uniqueness is something that I believe people find fascinating. He’s not the most elitist person in the world but he’s still the richest man. He responds to everyone on Twitter and shares many of the same thoughts about things as Americans.

One of his main concerns is that Democrats have shifted too far to the right, which is not good. Because he feels the Democrats have gone too far to the left, he will vote Republican in the next election.

One concern is whether there is a recession on the horizon. Musk told Tesla’s top executives to cut jobs by 10% and stop hiring globally because he is worried about the economy. Musk said that he won’t let go of workers on the assembly line. It sounds more like its management.

Experts agree that Musk was right. Many share his “bad feeling”.

Carsten Brzeski is the global head of macroeconomic analysis at ING. He said that ‘Musk’s negative feeling is shared with many people.

Jamie Dimon, Chief Executive Officer of JPMorgan Chase, described earlier this week the difficulties facing the US economy as being akin to a ‘hurricane.

Reporters then asked Joe Biden, a renowned economist on the economics, his opinion on Elon Musk’s remarks on the economy. Biden believes everything is fine and that he has handled everything perfectly. Biden is now talking about the possibility of going to Saudi Arabia, with his hat in hand, to ask for lower gas prices. This would be if he could have the insight that God gave a garden mouse, and stop his attacks on the energy sector.

Biden attempts to counter Elon by saying that other companies aren’t cutting staff, but he had no choice but to take a note card from his pocket. Biden claims that Intel and Ford are creating more jobs. He tried to attack Musk by calling Ford’s jobs “union jobs”, but Tesla doesn’t have one. Biden complains that he had “lots of luck” on his trip to Mars.

Joe is Joe. You never know what Joe means. Americans often need an interpreter.

Once upon a while, a Democratic president spoke about how he would embrace American challenges by going on the Moon. Joe Biden uses it to dismissively snipe. How times have changed.

Musk’s response is great. He uses the snipe to point out that NASA has signed a contract with Space X to get Americans back to the Moon by 2025.

It is America’s trip, not Musk’s, to the Moon. Without his support and company, they would be unable to accomplish this feat. Musk has to remind Joe to not be dismissive about America’s efforts and his assistance. Imagine if you had a person in your office who reminded you to not be dismissive of American efforts. Musk leaves Joe behind when it comes down to it.