Hillary’s Attorney Operated an FBI Office at Law Firm, But Wait, It Gets Worse…

Ever feel like you’re playing chess while your enemies are playing checkers? It’s not what it seems. This is the feeling in Spygate, Trump-Russia collusion lies, FBI corruption, and the latest chapter in that sad and duplicitous saga. It was all played out in a D.C. courtroom last week. A jury found Hillary Clinton and Michael Sussmann, an attorney for the Democratic National Committee, guilty of the charges. The jury’s forewoman stated that she believed the John Durham-led special counsel team should have had better things to do than to investigate a lawyer who allegedly lied to the FBI about the president spying on Russia.

No biggie, you understand.

As I have previously reported, evidence in the Sussmann Case pointed to an extremely close relationship between Perkins Coie and the FBI. Sussmann was a trusted Confidential Human Source (CHS) and had the credentials to enter the FBI.

The latest information about this relationship raises more questions.

Jim Jordan (Republican from Ohio) and Matt Gaetz(Republican from Florida) claim that a whistleblower told them that Perkins Coie was the home of Hillary and Marc Elias, DNC’s campaign lawyers, and had an FBI station there. Gaetz claims that Perkins Coie had an office in which the FBI was “in concert.” Michael Sussmann “operated that worksite.”

The proletariat may not be privy to a simple explanation for why the FBI has an outpost in that area, but Gaetz asks a few questions. Gaetz asked, “What is the reason for that?” Given the work they do together, what leverage would Perkins have over the FBI? Christopher Wray, Director of the FBI, would not allow this to continue.

Wait, there’s more: “Why…[was] Perkins Coie the one operating the worksite Michael Sussmann [for the past twelve months]?”

Durham was also indicted for lying to the FBI

Gaetz states, “Now we learn that four years after that [Trump Russia] lie that Michael Sussmann operated this secure work environment that Michael Sussmann was operating that safe work environment.”

Carlson claims that a letter was sent by the law firm to him in which they confirmed maintaining this safe workspace since 2012.

What has happened? What does this all mean? What is the purpose of having an FBI workspace in a law firm’s building? Did it get taken advantage of? Was the FBI willing to allow the FBI to be used against the Republican presidential candidate and his family?

Gaetz claims that former federal prosecutors with which he has spoken never heard of such an arrangement, particularly for “an election lawyer.”

Although Sussmann is an election lawyer, he is also a cyber security specialist. However, it doesn’t explain how the FBI office space is managed by him. Sussmann also has Rodney Joffe, a federal cyber security contractor, as one of his clients.

Gaetz stated to Carlson that he was concerned about “politically motivated dirt being converted into politically motivated investigations.” This question seems to have been answered in both the Durham investigation and in the Sussmann trial documents. They did exactly that. Andy McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, called this the “Ball of Collusion.”

Here’s where it gets more interesting.

Although it is not clear what might be in the “secure” FBI facility at Perkins Coie it could well be a SCIF with a computer or a “portal to” the FBI databases.

There are also concerns about its misuse.

Conservative Treehouse has reported for several years that the Obama administration started using the executive branch (such as the IRS and its sycophant Lois Lerner) as its main source of information and possible dirt on political enemies. This was in conjunction with Attorney General Eric Holder. It’s a long, complicated, and terrible story. But suffice to say that when the informational spigot was shut off for Obama’s spy team looking for dirt about their political enemies, they began searching for other sources of information.

Voila! It was over in 2012. The spigot was shut off on April 18, 2016, for “FBI Contractors” when Admiral Mike Rogers (head of the NSA) saw that contractors and other outsiders were using their shared database to make inappropriate “FISA-702 searches” queries. According to the website, this was confirmed by Judge Rosemary Collyer, who exhorted the FBI for lying to her about her FISA court applications. Does Carter Page sound familiar? But for asking so many questions, by the same outsiders, 85% were illegal. The FBI was accused of “lacking candor,” which is FBI-speak for lying like a rug.

After the spigot was shut off, Glen Simpson, Fusion-GPS founder, visited Mary Jacoby at the White House. The DNC and Clinton campaigns immediately contracted Fusion GPS… then hired Christopher Steele.” They began using Confidential Human Sources instead.

Now we know that the FBI had a Perkins Coie office, which was managed at least for the past year by Michael Sussmann.

Mirrors and smoke?


Maybe not.