I Would Endorse Any Speaker Who Could Shut Nancy Mace Up

I can’t recall anything I like about Nancy Mace.

There are times when I’m a supporter of a politician and other times I’m a detractor. Mace has crept into my dislike because she doesn’t do much for the Republican Party. It is difficult to pinpoint specific instances since Mace does not contribute to it in any significant way. This isn’t for everyone unless you’re a fan who likes politicians who tend to say stupid

Mace, a D.C. cliché who will use any issue as a way to raise money, is the worst. Nancy Mace has a fluid loyalty to her GOP co-workers. Mace is not only a shady politician, but she could also throw any House Republican under the bus if she recalls them easily on camera.

Nancy Mace seems to be a woman who has at least thought of stabbing a Republican when she sees them.

My co-worker has written some posts that illustrate my frustrations with Rep. Mace. These two posts concern interviews Mace gave to CNN, a network politicians use when they don’t have any principles.

In the first post, we can see that the South Carolina Congresswoman has been praised for her remarks regarding Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) during the speaker debate last year about fundraising.

Mace is one of eight Republicans who joined Democrats to remove McCarthy’s gavel. She believes, and she’s probably right, that the establishment wants her money. This is why she promoted her site during the interview.

Collins held receipts from Mace’s criticism of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who filed the motion to vacate McCarthy on Tuesday. Mace criticized Gaetz for attempting to raise money by forcing the House chamber to vote multiple times on California’s speakership bid at the start of the new Congress in January. Gaetz filed the motion to vacate against McCarthy Tuesday.

Mace had no choice but to inform people that she was not raising money through the motion to vacate, and direct them to her website.

Mace’s digital team did a great job, and I am sure that she encouraged her visitors to her website.

Mace’s younger colleagues should teach her how to use the Internet.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) wore a red A shirt to the House GOP meeting regarding the selection of a new speaker. Mace’s red A was a nod to The Scarlet Letter. She was one of eight Republicans to vote with Democrats to oust McCarthy as Speaker on October 2.

Mace does not support Scalise because he attended a white nationalist conference in 2002. This claim is questionable.

Ellen Carmichael sent a tweet that refuted Mace’s lamentable explanation.

Matt has more on the real climax to this story.

Mace received however $10,000 from Scalise’s PAC. She also praised his support throughout her re-election campaign.

This woman has gotten on my last nerve, and she’s beyond awful. The last thing the House GOP needs right now is an unprincipled shill running around flapping her gums to unfriendly media outlets. I will wholeheartedly support anyone for the speaker gig who can rein in Nancy Mace before her idiot’s mouth makes things even messier than they already are.