Greta Thunberg Gets Engulfed in an Antisemitism Scandal After Joining the Israel-Hamas Debate

What would we do without activists aged 20 who “strike” school and tell us what to always do?

Greta Thunberg has returned, and she is now joining the debate on Israel’s efforts to destroy Hamas after it carried out the most deadly attack against Jews since the Holocaust. Over 1,400 Jews were killed, while at least 200 other hostages were still held. In a picture that has since been deleted, Thunberg is seen with other climate change zealots holding posters with intellectually vapid messages.

This is what it looked like. We’ll explain why it was removed.

Anyone who “stands with Gaza” does so knowingly or unknowingly to excuse Hamas’s massacres. According to polls, the terror group is in control of the territory and enjoys widespread public support. Hamas has a connection to the people. You cannot pretend otherwise. Israel may have worked to reduce civilian casualties but it’s delusional to think there is such a clear delineation between ideology and politics.

Even if it were not true that Hamas has widespread support, announcing that you “stand with” a territory that invaded and massacred its neighbors is a statement that cannot be ignored. It would have been acceptable to declare “stand with Germany”, during World War II, just because America bombed Berlin. All Germans are not nazis?

Thunberg’s photo hints that the standard shifts only when Israel defends itself. She placed a blue Octopus over her left shoulder. This is important because the blue Octopus was used as a Nazi German symbol in antisemitic propaganda cartoons.

Thunberg finally released this apology.

Thunberg said that the placement of the blue Octopus was an accident and a way for people with autism to express their feelings. In person, I’m certain that autistic individuals do this, but in a picture, it makes no sense. She could have used another poster to express her feelings if she wanted.

There are two possible explanations. Either Thunberg has an antisemitic streak, which is possible, given her extreme leftist views on almost everything, or else she’s a complete idiot with no knowledge of foreign affairs or history. In either case, nothing she says should be taken seriously.