Hillary Clinton’s Controversial Remarks Targeting Trump Supporters Backfires Spectacularly

Hillary Clinton did so many despicable acts over the years, including pushing for the Russia collusion in order to smear Donald Trump. She also caused divisions within the country. She was more concerned about her power and winning than what might happen to the nation as a consequence. It is one of the many signs that show how justice has been applied unevenly in this country.

Clinton, however, seemed to believe that the indictment against former President Donald Trump was a signal for her to climb out of the hole she had dug. She also attacked Trump’s supporters. Clinton, who put a fork through her campaign by calling millions of Americans deplorable, went back to that position during an interview with “Pod Save America”, saying she could not believe Americans would still support Trump. She said that millions of Americans have a “psychology,” which she did not understand. You can repeat that.

Clinton said Tuesday that Republicans “refuse” to acknowledge the fact that “this is a track about [him], not about anyone else. No matter how they confuse people or how much they raise irrelevant issues.”

She said, “It’s going be fascinating to watch them spin up in a bizarre way.” If you watched the news this weekend, I’m sure that their efforts to defend him are beyond what I thought was possible in this country.

She suggested that, although the indictment was an opportunity for Republicans to break away from Trump — who leads the Republican primary polls for 2024 — they hadn’t taken it.

She said: “It’s so disturbing that this could be the break. This could have given us the chance to say, ‘Thank you for all you’ve done for me, we appreciate you very much, but we don’t want to continue to defend your case.'”

She added, “But no they’re back again… The psychology of this situation is so difficult for me to understand.”

Um, Hillary? You and your team were behind the Steele Dossier. Your team fed FBI information in order to target your political rival. You set up a private server to avoid the normal government review. You deleted 30,000 emails; your team destroyed phones.

She also didn’t possess the same power as a president to decide classification. I think she shouldn’t be the one to talk about this issue, or anyone else’s psychological state.

CNN and former FBI official Andrew McCabe could try to spin for her, but that didn’t work out well.

Hillary’s loss is a great thing. She has shown that she does not understand Americans. In fact, her failure to understand people was one of the main reasons why she lost.

She didn’t stop there. She also made some remarks about Joe Biden. Her comments are funny because they appear to be left-handed compliments. She said that Biden was in a strong position to run an election campaign without having to mention him.

If you dig a little deeper, then why would they not want to talk about this man, if he was so strong? They can’t expose him without his gaffes and issues coming out. They don’t like his policies and are afraid to discuss them. They will spend their entire campaign trying to hide Trump as much as possible while chanting “MAGA, MEGA, and MAGA”, turning towards the east, and clicking their heels in the hope that Trump leaves.

There was something quietly funny about the interview. I don’t know if Hillary and the “Pod Save America guy” even understood what it would appear to people. Listen to the two videos and see if it isn’t there.

Notice the word “Crooked”, which is written over her head like a label. Who came up with that brilliant idea? Trump gave her the same nickname, which adds to the humor. The reason for this is that “Pod Save America” is part of the “Crooked media” but it was a priceless placement.