Democrats’ Pattern of Rogue Law Enforcement Harassment Goes Beyond Trump

The day may be sunny as you read this column, but trust me, there are dark clouds looming on the horizon in every direction in the United States of America. Perhaps you haven’t noticed them yet because you and everyone else around you are distracted by the fact that we’re sliding down all of the slippery slopes that we conservatives were warning people about a decade or more ago.

A second Biden/Harris presidency would be an absolute horror. No one wants to experience the terror of such a government.

It’s amazing what the FBI will do to get rid of political opponents. They’ve focused on the J6 attendees, pro-lifers, and even the J6 fake insurrection. But now, they are expanding their scope.

Trump says that the Left is focusing on the tip of the iceberg they want to destroy. “They are after you, and I’m just standing in their way.” Even those who dislike Trump are beginning to see that this is the case.

As I said on Wednesday, even the most passionate Trump critics aren’t buying the “walls close in” nonsense. No matter how Trump’s persecutor prosecution plays out, it doesn’t look great for potential Trump supporters.

When it becomes clear that they can’t keep him off the ballot, their panic will increase as they target voters on the right.

If they do keep Trump off of the ballot, they will be emboldened and feel that they have a green light to wipe out all of the competition.