Herschel Walker Delivers Brilliant Move to Warnock Lies

Herschel Walker responded in a remarkable way to the scandal surrounding the eviction of his opponent, Senator Raphael Warnock (D–GA). He offered to pay rent for any person still facing eviction.

Warnock claimed that they had not evicted tenants, but in reality, they have. He called it an attempt at attacking Ebenezer Baptist Church. I don’t know how strong he thought that defense was to the accusation of hypocrisy. He attacked his opponent during the primary, claiming she was against an expulsion moratorium during the pandemic. But then, he evicted and tried to evict small-scale people for very little money. Even the local Democratic mayor felt “queasy” when Warnock responded.

Warnock claimed that the building was trying to evict three additional people last week. Two of them were only $115. Each one was rented, and it wasn’t even two more weeks late.

A resident said that if you don’t pay rent by the fifth of the month, a notice is sent out to you. This was according to a Free Beacon reporter who visited this building in October. “They won’t accept payment after the fifth.”

Walker continued his investigation and held a press conference at the Columbia Tower MLK Village building along with others who had been served with eviction notices. Andrew Kerr, the Free Beacon reporter, did outstanding investigative reporting on this matter.

Walker asked reporters whether they had any questions. Why didn’t they ask the people or go to the building to ask the residents?

Kerr claims that the Walker campaign gave each reporter copies of the 15 eviction suits filed against residents in the building. Each eviction suit included the name of the resident and their room number. The “reporters” also followed up on information and questioned residents about the eviction notices.

Kerr claims that Walker’s campaign did not send any “reporters” to the building.

Here’s how Sahil Kaur, NBC News Senior National Political Reporter described the presser. He took Warnock’s words as gospel.

“Herschel Walker has a presser with Georgians about eviction notices from Raphael Warnock’s church-owned building. He dodges any questions about whether they were actually evicted. (Warnock claims that none were during the pandemic. )”

“Who said he got eviction notices?” They are right there. You just need to ask them. All Kapur needed to do was look at the records himself. They are all publicly available. You can also check the existing reporting if Kapur doesn’t wish to do so. Call the numbers given at the presser. Instead, he repeats the same thing Warnock said and attempts to doubt Walker.

Kerr tweeted the records of those evicted to Kapur and offered to walk Kapur through all the work he had done.

One person was expelled for $28.55 while the other was for $423.

We noted Monday that Warnock still wants to give Joe Biden a pass regarding inflation by claiming that we are still in the pandemic.

Then, why do they expel people? He said that doing so during the pandemic was bad.

This entire matter confirms Warnock’s lying abilities and shows how complicit many media outlets are in spinning his story.