Joe Biden’s Big Abortion Speech Was a Festival of Senility and Bad Politics

We previously reported that Joe Biden and his staff decided that three weeks before the midterms, it would be the best time for the left to intensify its abortion obsession in the face of growing political headwinds. It hadn’t worked so far, but it was worth another shot at the brick wall.

He had already delivered his supposed landmark speech by lunchtime Tuesday. Although it has become a cliche to respond to Biden’s public statements, the result was not good. This is not exaggerated. It was not a good experience.

This is what happened when we tried to compare gay marriage and abortion rights.

It’s impossible to do more than shake your head. Biden, who has been described as a Forrest Gump-type man, claims to have made every moment of modern American history a success. But is he really trying to claim credit for the Obergefell decision? Biden was the one who changed the law to allow gay marriage. How do you modify the law so that “in the privacy and comfort of their own bedroom” they can get married?

As if all that fighting with the teleprompter wasn’t enough, Biden tried to pronounce “Obergefell” and boy did he fail.

Biden is so passionate about gay marriage that he knows so much about it that he cannot even pronounce the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing it.

Rewinding Biden’s justification of abortion, he attempts to cite the Ninth Amendment. Surprise, surprise!

Here’s the complete text of the Ninth Amendment for accuracy

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

It is possible that I missed the section where the right of privacy was explicitly enumerated. It doesn’t actually exist. Instead, courts in the past have suggested that the Ninth Amendment protects an inherent right to privacy, but the Ninth Amendment does not say “that there is a right.”

While I have more to say on the political aspects of this whole thing, I’ll just end his speech.

Is it possible that Biden was thinking about his mother’s anger at him for speaking to people with his back turned when he said “I’m sorry”? He missed the part of his speech where he sat in the same position as before. That’s how you do these types of speeches. Biden has had many people behind him in almost all of his speeches, but this time he felt the need to apologize. Is that possible?

The simpler explanation is that his brain went haywire once again. He finally realized this after a long pause and decided to find a way to make his comment seem more sensual.

After the speech, Biden grabbed a young girl’s hand and continued to hold it for an incomprehensible amount of time.

You can see that the woman is confused about the actions of the president, even though she is a strong supporter. Biden grabs her hand and starts talking to others. But she doesn’t give up. Biden’s eyes start to wander as she smiles incoherently, leaving her staring into the distance with a blank expression. Biden isn’t respecting women’s space again. This makes it seem creepy.

Let’s get back to the politics of his speech. In October, the news for Democrats was not good. The Republicans have a clear lead on the generic ballot and the economic climate is getting worse as election day nears.

This is why it is so absurd for the White House that continues to attack abortion as the nation’s biggest problem when poll after poll proves it not to be a top concern for voters. It’s like driving your car toward the cliff and letting the gas pedal kick in. Democrats are simply unable to adapt to electoral environments that do not favor them on a fundamental basis, and this is proving to be a major problem in this cycle.

Americans are getting ready to vote. People who are concerned about abortion as their number one issue will not vote Republican. Nevertheless, the majority of voters are more concerned with gas prices and inflation. Democrats should not continue obsessing about abortion at this stage. It’s a peak-beltway syndrome. It’s a positive development for Republicans, who have been dominating the issues that matter.