Democrats Bomb On Every Key Issue In New Poll

In a poll conducted by Politico and Morning Consult on Wednesday, Democrats did worse than Republicans in the areas most important to voters.

The poll revealed that 46% of respondents trusted Republicans more than 39% in assessing the economy. This survey is part of a wave that has seen Republican gains in midterm polling.

Another 80% of voters believed that inflation would be a significant factor in determining their vote. 46% trusted Congress Republicans on the issue, compared to 37% who trusted Democrats more. 61% believed inflation is getting worse.

The third most important issue for voters was crime, with 64% saying that it would play an important role in their vote. The poll revealed that 45% of respondents trusted Republicans more than 38% to deal with crime.

The poll revealed that Democrats were the most successful on issues such as abortion access, climate change and the environment, and health care. The poll found that abortion was a significant issue for 59%, although the poll did not ask voters if they would vote on the remaining issues.

Recent polls show that Democrats are not happy with the state of the economy and inflation.

With a margin of error of 2%, the poll was conducted among 2,005 registered voters between Oct. 14-16.

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