GOP Rep Says Her Military Records Likely Leaked by Air Force to Dem Firm

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (Republican from Florida) disclosed that her private military records had been leaked by U.S. Air Force, to a Democratic opposition researcher company. This adds to the controversy surrounding the Department of Defense.

Monday’s accusations by the freshman congresswoman that she leaked military records and failed to respond to official correspondence about a series of leaks that affected several GOP lawmakers, as well as other former candidates, were made against the Air Force.

Luna tweeted Monday: “The USAF leaks data about USAF candidates during 2022 midterms a DEMOCRAT-OPPO research company,” She also stated that it is likely that this will lead to a criminal investigation.

Nearly a dozen ex-Gov. candidates and lawmakers have spoken out to claim that the Air Force’s “unauthorized disclosure” of military information affected them. Many records were requested by an opposing research company, which was paid money from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (the campaign arm of House Democrats).

Jennifer-Ruth Green (a former GOP House candidate) was another veteran whose personnel documents, including details about a sexual attack she suffered while serving in the Air Force, were made public without her consent. The Air Force also acknowledged that military personnel records had been given to another party “without proper Redaction.” ”

Luna said Monday in a Fox News Digital interview: “I believe that this is not the only instance where this opposition research company does this.”

Luna stated, “Obviously, they must be held accountable as a servicemember. They cannot give our private data to anyone, regardless of whether it’s health records or service records.”

Later, she stated that “It was unacceptable and it’s complete BS that they didn’t get back to us sooner”

Luna reiterated her conviction that the leak investigation would be “criminal in nature.”

The congresswoman said that she was contacted on February 6th by an Air Force former supervisor, by a reporter asking about her military service.

Luna said that her former supervisor had access to her military records. Luna explained that her former supervisor had access to her military records.

Luna’s staff member called the news outlet. Luna was then charged by the reporter with “paying off her former supervisor” for failing to answer questions.

She received the message from her ex-supervisor and reached out to J.R. Majewski, an ex-Republican congressional hopeful, to ask if he had been notified by Air Force regarding his documents being released

She said that only certain members of Congress were notified that their records were leaked by the Air Force, including Reps. Don Bacon, R-Neb., and Zach Nunn, R-Iowa, but that list did not include her.

Luna claimed that she wrote Lloyd Austin a February 13th letter seeking clarifications about the leaked information.

Fox News Digital was sent a copy of the Air Force reply stating that they would miss the February 27th deadline. They must respond by March 17.