Washington Post Fact-Check Dismantles Narrative Blaming Trump For East Palestine Disaster

The Washington Post Monday explained why ex-President Donald Trump is not to blame for the East Palestine catastrophe.

The Biden administration and Democrats started blaming Trump for the derailment. They claim that Trump’s administration has rolled back important regulations which would have at least mitigated or prevented the derailment.

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Glenn Kessler is the Washington Post’s chief fact checker. He says this narrative is totally false.

Was WaPo right?

Kessler published Monday’s fact-check titled “So far Trump’s rollback regulations can’t blame for Ohio train wreck”, which examined the various regulations Biden’s defenders claim make Trump responsible in East Palestine.

Kessler stated that “from our analysis, no of the regulatory changes made by the Trump administration at the moment can be cited in contributing to the accident.”

Kessler explained:

ECP brakes
Brake inspections: “It is not yet clear if the brake system was involved in the accident.” A preliminary NTSB report attributed the accident to an overheated wheel bearing.

Mandatory two-member crew: There were three crew members aboard the derailed train. “The train with 149 cars that was derailed had two crew members and a trainee.

Track inspections: The track was examined and found to be in good condition. “The tracks were inspected by the NTSB, and no problems were found in the preliminary report.”

Ethylene oxide – Proposed regulations that were not adopted by Trump would not have been applicable in this instance. Kessler clarified that the rule was about emissions from chemical plants and not synthetic chemicals released in an accident.