GOP Opens Investigation Into Biden Classified Docs and the DOJ Response

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel in the investigation of Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal. Three different types of classified documents were found at Joe Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware. One was next to his Corvette in his garage. Another set of documents was found in his Washington, D.C. office at the Penn Biden Centre.

They probably appointed someone quickly to say they were doing something. But I doubt that the special counsel would do anything to hold Joe Biden responsible.

The scandal is not going away, however, and the Republicans won’t let it go. Rep. Jim Jordan (D.OH) announced that his first investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents and the Justice Department’s response would be the House Judiciary Committee Chair. Jordan already wrote a letter to DOJ asking for answers to several questions, primarily about when the DOJ knew, how communications were with Biden’s team, and why it was hidden from the public.

“We are monitoring the actions of the Justice Department in relation to former Vice President Biden’s mishandling classified documents, including the apparently ununauthorized possession of classified materials at a Washington, D.C. private office and in his Wilmington, Delaware, garage,” Jordan and Rep. Mike Johnson, R.La., wrote in Friday’s letter to Garland.

They wrote that Robert Hur was appointed Special Counsel by you on January 12, 2023 to investigate these issues. “The circumstances surrounding this appointment raise fundamental oversight issues that the Committee routinely reviews. We ask for your cooperation in our investigation.

The problems include why the information was not made public since November 2, so that the public did not find out about it before midterm elections, and why the DOJ, having appointed a U.S. Attorney to investigate the first finding at the Biden Centre in November, didn’t tell Congress or anyone else. Jordan is looking into Biden, but also what the DOJ was doing in keeping this quiet.

Jordan wrote that it was unclear when the Department learned about the existence and if it deliberately concealed the information from the public just before the 2022 election. It is not clear what conversations, if any., the Department had about President Biden’s mishandling of classified materials. This Department appears to have acted differently than it did in similar circumstances.

Jordan observed how the DOJ treated the Biden case differently to that involving President Donald Trump. This was reflected in an unprecedented raid at his Mar-a-Lago house.

“In reality, on August 8th 2022, despite publicly available evidence that President Trump had cooperated, you personally approved the decision for a warrant to allow excessive and unprecedented access into his private residence.” The letter stated that on August 15, 2022, Committee Republicans sent a request to you and FBI Director Christopher Wray for documents and information regarding the FBI raid of President Trump’s home.

It stated that the FBI and Department of Justice have not been able to comply with the request. “Our requests are still outstanding.”

Jordan and Rep. Mike Johnson (R.-LA), demanded answers by Jan. 27. The GOP is now in power, and they will have subpoena powers and greater power to hold people responsible.