Meet Lyin Clyde Shavers, the Democrat George Santos

Americans are shocked and shocked to learn that politicians lie. Politicians, especially Democrats, are the most shocked. They can’t believe that George Santos (an evil Republican) was elected to Long Island, N.Y. Congress after lying about his resume. Strangely, Democrats are ebullient over the success of Lyin’ Clyde Shavers, a Washington State legislator.

The story of Lyin Clyde is one to remember. Clyde would like to become your president one day and is willing to take the Joe Biden route. After lying about his life and claiming he was a UK politician, Joe Biden is now a president. He lies about his law school and how many degrees, as well as lying about his background as a truck driver, Puerto Rican, Italian and Jewish.

Clyde is off to a great start.

The father of the newly elected state legislator, who took his seat this week, exposed him as a liar. He wrote an extraordinary letter during the campaign to The Lynwood Times.

Lyin’ Clyde’s Dad claims that Lyin’ Clyde lied to him about his family history, claimed to have been a submariner with U.S. Navy, but he never served on one; parachuted into the District to become a “resident”, and then moved into a bed & breakfast to claim he was a working attorney, even though he hadn’t passed Washington State bar. He also made up inspirational quotes that his father never spoke of, and claimed to have been homeless at some point in his life.

Brett Shavers, in his letter, exposed what he called the lies of his son about his U.S. Navy Service while running for office within a district that includes the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.

Clyde was not a submarine officer for even a single day. Before Clyde announced his intention to run for office, I had previously asked him how to explain the failure of the pipeline training for submarine officers. Clyde was told by me that he had to be honest and that he only stated that he had completed the training over a period of many weeks. Clyde, however, claimed that he was a submarine officer, as shown in campaign materials.

Clyde is a total snob to the military. Clyde uses veteran status as a sign of honor and integrity. His campaign also continues to use the phrase “son-of-a-Marine” as a way to build his credibility. Clyde’s disdain for the military, his hatred of enlisted personnel, and his disgust at wearing the uniform are all words I could not use. These are the conversations I had with my son when trying to communicate the privilege and honor of being able to wear such a uniform. … I credit his service, but it was not an abuse of it.

Clyde has no ties to Whidbey Island or any other county in Washington, beyond King County.

There’s more.

Clyde claimed to have experienced long-term homelessness, according to online sources. I don’t know where he would have lived, and he has not spoken to me about it. He joined the military from his home and went straight to Yale School. He lived in apartments in Connecticut, California, and other places during this time. After completing his military service, he moved into the current Bed and Breakfast. His timeline does not allow for homelessness, even long-term.

Brett Shavers does not know the origin of his claim that he was born to a farming family.

Clyde claimed that he is from a farming family. Clyde’s statement does not state that a backyard garden is farming.

Concerning his failed bar exam, I am aware that he stated that he failed it in a Facebook post.

Clyde has used his family’s values and history as a foundation for credibility and values that I cannot accept. It has been misused, embellished, and sometimes misled about. His political views are partisan and uncompromising.

This letter is one of the most difficult I have ever had to write. It concerns my son, my wife, and my daughter’s brother. Without integrity, we are doomed to failure. If we don’t have honor, then nothing is possible. Only the truth can guide us. Clyde’s parents have a responsibility to instill these values in him even if it means that he may be defamed or attacked. While our love for our children doesn’t diminish, our values won’t be diminished.

The retired Marine’s son replied with his own statement, saying that the “letter was inaccurate and, personally speaking, very painful for me as his father.” This letter is about politics. To be clear, he responded by saying that, although he hadn’t spoken with his father in a while, he was at Capitol on January 6th.

Although he meant it as a smear, Brett Shavers said to KIRO Newsradio that he was there on January 6th to see Donald Trump’s speech. He also texted his intention of going to his son while he was away on duty.

Lyin’ Clyde later changed his website to reflect the greatest issue of his life: stolen valor.

Technically, Shaver’s junior lied about his Navy job. While that could have some ramifications – and should – the Stolen Valor Act was thrown out by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2005 because lying is protected speech. Do you hear it from Long Island politicians? In 2013, the Act was rewritten in a revised form. However, according to the National Archives, it is not a crime to claim that someone received certain medals in order to gain money, property, or any other tangible benefit. False claims regarding certain military awards are prohibited, such as the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. It is only when someone falsely claims they received them that they were able to gain money or any tangible benefit from a crime that the law applies. Falsely claiming military service in order to impress or brag is not a crime.

Lyin’ Clyde is his most serious whopper.

He then apologized and removed his apology from his site.

Democrats were delighted to see Lyin” Clyde defeat an evil Republican in Washington’s LD 10. They have been very generous in their praise. It’s likely that Lyin’ Clyde is a bot for the Democratic Party, complete with a Perkins Coie internship.

Lyin’ Clyde was purchased by the Democrats. For a seat in the legislative district, he raised almost $500,000 According to The Lynnwood Times the top three contributors were “House Democratic Campaign Committee”, $105,029.75, and WA State Democratic Central Committee $75,478.83. WA Senate Demo Camp was $50,000.

Tina Podlodowski, Washington State Democratic Party Chair, was thrilled with her narrow win. She said, “I want Clyde Shavers to win and I know he will do an outstanding job serving the 10th District in Olympia.”

Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (D–West Seattle) stated to The Times that Lyin’ Clyde had embodied his resume. However, it was an oversight. He explained that Lyin’ Clyde had not been clear about certain aspects of his experiences. We expect candidates to be precise and clear.


Clyde gets the last word. As he tells voters on his website, “people deserve representatives with good character and integrity – honest public servants …” And Democrats cheer.