Democrats Argue That Taking Abortion-Surviving Babies to the Hospital Will Endanger Their Lives

Wednesday’s House of Representatives vote passed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Vicente Gonzalez (TX-34) bravely voted “Present.” It provides that any child who survives the horror of abortion has the right to the same medical care as other humans. The bill contains this quote. You can find the entire bill at the following link.

(1) DEGREE OF CURIOUS; IMMEDIATE ADMITTANCE TO A HOSPITAL.- -Any health care practitioner present at the time of the child’s birth shall:

“(A) Exercise the same level of professional skill, care, and diligence to preserve the child’s life and health as any reasonably diligent and conscientious child born at the same gestational stage;

“(B), after exercising the skill, care, and diligence required under paragraph (A), ensure that the baby is transported to a hospital immediately.

(2) MANDATORY REPORTING VIOLATIONS.–Any health care practitioner, physician’s office, or abortion clinic employee who becomes aware of any failure to comply with paragraph (1) must immediately notify the appropriate Federal or State law enforcement agency or both.

This is the type of reasoning that the Democrats used during the debate over the bill. Without Fat Jerry Nadler, no learned debate is complete.

Sorry, the wrong clip. It’s amazing that this keeps happening. This is Nadler unleashing the fearsome intellect of his unborn.

Although I may agree that an infant should not be brought to a hospital with Molochites as “medical personnel”, it is possible to endanger their lives by bringing them to such a hospital. However, the hospital must provide the same level of care as any other patient. Failure to do so could result in legal consequences.

In case you thought this was Nadler prancing out of his large sex, it wasn’t. This was clearly a scripted talking point.

These Democrats did not offer any amendments to the bill to address their objections. They instead relied on lie after lie pro-abort to defend their right to engage in infanticide.

Democrats claimed the law was unnecessary because there is already the 2002 “Born-Alive Infants Protection Act”. This law simply states that a child born alive following a botched abortion constitutes a person. It does not establish any standards of care or penalties for killing babies. They claimed that murder is an illegal offense in all states, so there is no need for the law. But 32 states allow abortion-related deaths to be legalized. New York and Illinois have both pointedly addressed the issue by legalizing abortion. They claim that this is a rare problem, so there’s no need to worry. A CDC official estimates that there are approximately 500 of these cases each year. Comparatively, modern sporting rifles are responsible for approximately 300 deaths each year. Yet, the Democrats fumble their drawers trying not to legislate against this menace.

Then they ran off to “shout” about their abortion.

Abortion is a horrible pseudo-medical procedure that kills at most half of those involved. It is a sign of society’s decline that it is legal. Subhuman to allow babies to die because a hired killer is incompetent. Even if your support late-term abortions, it is simple justice to act to save a child that has already been born.

As with many other issues, it is impossible to explain why the Democrats voted en masse for infanticide. Education and debate cannot cure it. These people are fundamentally wicked. This simple truth is essential to our ability to manage them in the future.