HBO’s New Woke Scooby-Less Velma Show Is Already Burning in a Dumpster

They don’t learn.

HBOMax seems to be the studio head who has to touch the stove several times before it burns them. Despite watching so many studios fail to revive starred movies and shows,

Someone signed off on a pitch by Mindy Kaling — formerly the crazy relationship-obsessed girl from the office — to do a woke version of Scooby-Doo. Only this version will be about race-swapped Velma, and Scooby won’t even appear in it.

The real backlash against Kaling’s Velma was strong, which was partly attributed to studio showrunners citing racism and sexism. A lot of it came from the fact that the trailer mocked Scooby-lovers as well as those who have had it with politicized programs.

The second trailer for HBOMax’s “Velma” was released Wednesday. It is already a disaster. You can find the dislike percentage for YouTube videos using a browser plug-in. There are 117k dislikes to YouTube videos compared with only 6.4k.

“The trailer clearly shows Kaling trying to upset Scooby fans. ”

“The plot synopsis isn’t very helpful. ”

This show seems more about irritating people than being a great one. The people who have seen it say that the writer is a vanity project to appeal to Hollywood friends.

The Hollywood Reporter gave it a poor review. They did note that it doesn’t take too long to let viewers know Velma is a lesbian.

It’s where humor fails, according to Angie Han, Hollywood Reporter writer.

These semi-topical snipes are about teen rom-coms, Yass-queen feminism, hairy Brooklynites, and, for some reason, how the movie Serpico can make future Scooby-Doo Gang members seem less like people and more like joke-delivery machines.

“Hollywood is now more concerned with making jokes than inserting heartfelt stories. ”

Despite the fact that Hollywood doesn’t seem to care about their audience, Hollywood seems more concerned with pushing its messages and satisfying its own needs than creating entertainment.

Even though Velma isn’t yet out, it’s already failing and will probably fail when it does. This will be yet another example of Hollywood losing its touch.