Former House Speaker John Boehner Gets Choked Up During Remarks at Event Honoring Speaker Nancy Pelosi

John Boehner, a former GOP House Speaker, became emotional as he delivered remarks to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.Calif.) during Wednesday’s portrait unveiling ceremony.

Boehner was a speaker from the beginning of 2011 to late October 2015. He became overwhelmed when he said, in an apparent reference to his daughters that his “girls” had told him to tell Pelosi their admiration for her.

Boehner stated that Pelosi is the only modern speaker to have the “authority” and “consistent results” of Pelosi. He also described the lawmaker as “a tough cookie.”

Later, Pelosi said that Boehner would have disappointed her if he didn’t get emotional.

Pelosi is the only woman to ever serve as Speaker of the House. She was elected to another term of office recently, but she decided not to run for the leadership position again. For more than 30 years, she has been a lawmaker in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Monica Crowley tweeted, “John Boehner’s tears as he paid tribute to Nancy Pelosi is a perfect symbol of uni-party Pathology.”

Ben Shapiro tweeted, “Boehner’s tears in tribute to Pelosi and talking about his daughters being Democrats is a pretty good summation of Republican leadership over the last couple of decades.”

“While you’re staring at Pelosi’s portrait reveal, conservatives weep for America — precisely because The Uniparty Tim Meads has squandered our country’s greatness & potential,” he wrote.

Guy Benson tweeted: “In fairness, Boehner cries over everything.”