California Is Pushing Forward With Its Bloated Reparations Plan

California’s plan for reparations to black residents is a development that everyone can see coming. It has become increasingly complicated and bloated as it progresses.

California’s reparations taskforce met in Oakland Wednesday to discuss the plan. According to the Associated Press the task force acknowledged that they have “more questions than answers” after having released a 500-page report in June about discrimination in California.

The final report will not be due until July next year, which is a good thing, as task force members are trying to figure out how much money discrimination (both actual and imagined) has caused by “government taking of property”, devaluation Black-owned businesses and housing discrimination and homelessness.

That’s right. California, which cannot figure out how to maintain electricity or build a train between Los Angeles and San Francisco, will figure out how much discrimination is worth. It will also figure out which black people should be entitled to payment. It will all come out of the pockets and paychecks of California’s other taxpayers, who most likely had nothing to do in the past discrimination.

California’s new pastime involves giving away taxpayer money, rather than reforming the law to make life easier for residents. California decided to give away some taxpayer money instead of cutting the gas tax and lifting environmental regulations which have led to California’s prices exceeding the national average. San Francisco also gives $1,200 per month to transgender residents.

California’s concept of justice is to take large amounts from the paychecks of hardworking residents by raising the cost of living and taxes. Then, they give them pennies back as a bribe for certain groups to remain committed Democratic voters. The reparations taskforce cannot fix or solve injustices, real or perceived, from the 1800s and 1960s. It cannot bribe voters.