First Carbon Aware Console, Xbox Will Force Gamers to Power Down to Fight Climate Change

Microsoft announced recently that Xbox gamers will have to stop using their consoles in its effort to “build a sustainable gaming future.”

Microsoft declared that it would be a “zero waste” company. It will automatically put gamers in “shutdown mode” to conserve energy and power.

The company has set environmental goals, including “being zero-waste and carbon negative” by 2030. ”

Ars Technica reported today that Microsoft has released an update for Xbox consoles. This will switch the consoles to a Shutdown instead of the sleep-deprived Sleep mode.

Most consoles include a “sleep mode”. This allows the console to consume minimal energy while still downloading and charging peripherals. It also keeps the user’s games open.

The console also allows for maintenance and updates to be scheduled at specific times. This, according to the company, will reduce carbon emissions.

According to the post, “Your console will wake up at a time when it can use most sustainable energy in the local power grid.” The post also states, “Gamers will soon have the ability to update their systems to make them “carbon aware “.

Microsoft claims that energy-saving mode consumes up to 20x more power than normal sleep mode. It will be impossible to remotely turn on the system and it will take longer for it to turn off.

The Xbox can save as much carbon as one tree (if two Xbox users use it for 20 hours a day for a year).

Each small step can have a larger collective impact. A simple step like shutting down (energy saving) can make a big difference.

To have the consoles work normally, users will need to indicate “active hours”. It will default to the eco-centric power savings mode.