The Biden Administration Admits Canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline Was a Mistake

The Biden Administration was quick to get rid of the Keystone XL approval that former President Donald Trump had placed in place.

Biden, who was being guided by his own hatred of Trump as well as the influence of the far-left environmentalists, did it without a second thought to the jobs and energy independence Americans desperately needed. The results of such a move, as we’ve seen over the course of the last year, have been catastrophic. And we now know that Biden is aware of it. They just don’t want to say it out loud.

Fox News:

The Biden administration published a congressionally mandated report highlighting the positive economic benefits the Keystone XL Pipeline would have had if President Biden didn’t revoke its federal permits.

The report, which the Department of Energy (DOE) completed in late December without any public announcement, says the Keystone XL project would have created between 16,149 and 59,000 jobs and would have had a positive economic impact of between $3.4-9.6 billion, citing various studies. A previous report from the federal government published in 2014 determined 3,900 direct jobs and 21,050 total jobs would be created during construction which was expected to take two years.

It is more than the jobs. It could have helped offset the energy crisis we faced in 2022.

According to TC Energy, Keystone XL is expected to be complete in the first half of 2012. Through an existing pipeline network, it will transport another 830,000 barrels from Canada into the U.S.

“The Department of Energy finally admitted that the Keystone Pipeline was the worst-kept Secret: President Biden’s decision not to cancel Keystone XL Pipeline has destroyed thousands of American jobs,” [Senator Jim] Risch said Thursday.

He said that his decision “moved America further away from energy independence and lower gas prices at a time when inflation and gas prices are severely impacting Americans’ pocketbooks.”

“The president must turn to American-made energy to resolve the energy crisis he created on his first day of office. ”

Americans already facing rising prices have seen their financial security suffer as a result of the American energy crisis. This was due in large part to the fact that energy prices have fallen. However, prices are still significantly higher than they were when Biden was elected. They are even rising again.

AAA reports that the national average gallon price is now just over 30 cents higher than it was a month ago.

RealClearEnergy reveals that the Keystone XL Pipeline decision is not the only thing that’s causing problems. The left is also making a series of policy moves that will hurt Americans.

For two years, the administration has been reaping all the negative consequences of its Green New Deal policies. It will cost $369 million to the United States.

The president and his Democratic allies cannot learn from the past. They have the potential to see a worse future if they keep going on the reckless path they are currently taking

These policies are visible in Europe, where many countries struggle to meet their fossil fuel reduction commitments. They reverse them, without increasing their emissions.

These policies are a disaster for Americans and the Department of Energy report acknowledging them (even though it doesn’t explicitly admit to it) is a strong indication that they are aware of their existence.