DOD Schools Push Marxist Indoctrination, Woke Social Engineering

Yokota High School

Fox News Digital reported that two teachers from the Department of Defense Education Activity claimed that DOD schools were pushing Marxist indoctrination on their students and using “social engineering” to dole out “social engineering” to them.

The DODEA, a Federally-Operated School System that provides education for military children, is a part of the Pentagon. Nearly 70,000 children are enrolled in DOD schools. They serve students from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade.

Alexander Black and John Smith, both teachers, were identified as Alexander Black to protect their identities from retaliation. They told Fox News Digital that speaking out about alternative views on gender ideology and American history could result in professional consequences at DODEA.

They noticed that many of their coworkers don’t agree with the school’s curriculum, but are afraid to voice their disagreements.

Smith, a veteran of the military, said that the “biggest problem” facing military personnel is “culture called Wokeism.”

Black said, “I call that a social Marxist direction.”

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Teachers claim that the DODEA has seen a shift in its hiring practices, classroom curriculum, book selection, and even library book selections over the past few years. Teachers stated that the school system has become more left-leaning.

Black stated that “We are not at Chinese indoctrination… level… We want it to be addressed now before it becomes an issue.”

Black said that when former President Trump was in office his school was decorated using political propaganda.

He stated that there were many things in the hallways that Black Lives Matter was putting up posters and other materials, dealing with LGBTQ+ narratives, transgender narratives, and all those types of things that don’t necessarily belong around minor children.

Smith claimed that the DODEA continues to “accept things that do not belong in our school”. Smith cited “gender realignment”, as an example of “social engineer” that is promoted in DOD schools.

Smith claimed that transgender students are more likely to identify as such because of the school’s controversial curriculum and library selections.

It’s not the reason I became a teacher. They could have asked me when I was hired if I wanted to become a sexual realignment engineering engineer. I would not have agreed to that. Smith said it was false.

Smith said that there are “movements going on right now, from headquarters all the down, that allow ideas that are anti American to take root. That we need to start looking at getting to to the heart of these matters and why they are being pushed,” Smith continued.

Fox News Digital was informed by a spokesperson for the Department of Defense that “The Department of Defense Education Activity is dedicated to educating and engaging military-connected students in order to succeed in a dynamic global world.” Our main focus is to ensure that all students, their families and employees have equal access to resources and opportunities that support student success and prepare them for college and career.