Biden Would Veto GOP Bill to Ban Sale of Oil to China From U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Joe Biden’s near hatred — although we can probably safely delete “near” — of fossil fuels has been an albatross around the necks of the American people since Day One of the intentionally worst presidency in the history of the United States. No joke and Biden’s war on (U.S.) oil continues.

According to Jennifer Granholm (Energy Secretary), Biden will veto a House measure to prohibit the sale of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve for China if the bill passes the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Let me be clear: If Congress passed [H.R. 22], the president would veto it. The president would veto any legislation passed by Congress (H.R. 22). The backward agenda of House Republicans will not be allowed to cause American citizens pain.

Backward agenda, Ms. Granholm? How is that possible?

The clueless Energy secretary dismissed the sale to China of oil as a “non-issue.”

In September, I reported that Biden had driven up energy prices to the point where they were out of control. This prompted outrage among millions of Americans. He continued to deplete the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), in a desperate attempt to protect Democrats from him and his disastrous dumpster fires during the upcoming midterm elections.

The Strategic Production Response Act [H.R. 22] was introduced to protect the U.S. interests and the American people against further SPR recklessness by Biden. 22] was introduced in the Republican-controlled House, earlier this month. The bill would require that the Energy Department develop a plan for increasing the percentage of federal areas that can be used for oil production and gas production before the oil is released from the reserve.

The proposed requirement, even if you are not a Democrat is not only logical but could be strategic in case of a national catastrophe, such as war with, oh let’s just say, Communist China. Sino Joe Biden continues to deplete U.S. reserves to sell to the ChiComs. Is he clueless, driven by his war against energy, kowtowing, or both?

Next, Mensa member [sarc] White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was questioned about the Protecting America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve from China Act. She “brilliantly” responded:

This is just a small part of what the secretary was referring to just moments ago. This bill does not address a non-issue. We are very clear about that. We are focused — we are focused on advancing legislation to lower the costs of American families and not increase them.

Oh, please. KJP doesn’t understand the SPR bill or any other legislation. Biden demonstrated his inability to understand the SPR bill and other issues from his very first day of office. You can take your time, I’ll wait.

Granholm used China’s rising oil demand and the easing of COVID lockdowns to justify continuing to sell U.S. oil resources to the ChiComs.

This is all about the fact that the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is an instrument that we have and that we can control. It is possible that we are not able to control the weather. It’s possible that we won’t be able to control the events at OPEC+ and China. We can, however, control what we have and why this tool is so important.

Huh? Is Granholm channeling Kamala Harris or was it the word-salad explanation for the SPR? Then, she capped off her idiocy by adding this gem:

Prices would go up [if the bill were to become law] because we would have lost this tool [because of the reserve’s ability to] provide supply.

Anyone with a modicum of knowledge about the nature of supply and demand knows Grandholm’s claim is a complete crock of crap.

Then again, Madam Energy Secretary — like all “good” Democrats — isn’t interested in the least about what rational knowledgable people understand; the only people who matter to Democrats are low-information rank-and-file Democrat voters — alive, dead, or somewhere in between.