Man Arrested After Firing Shots While Chasing His Stolen Truck in Seattle

Police say that a man was charged with multiple shootings as he pursued his stolen truck in Seattle.

The Chevrolet truck was stolen from Mt. According to police, the suspect was driving his Toyota Camry in Baker at 4:45 on Friday.

Police stated that he followed the truck stolen until it stopped, and then confronted the driver.

Police stated that the man fired two shots at nearby homes as he drove off from the driver.

According to police, the man drove erratically around Columbia City before chasing his truck.

Witnesses report that officers stopped the man and his Toyota at the 9300 block of Rainier Avenue South. Officers took the two passengers into custody, and the driver consented to officers taking his gun out of the car.

According to police the Chevrolet truck that was taken was registered to the Toyota driver. The officers on the scene reported that the truck had been stolen.

Officers detained the 27-year-old man at King County Jail for a drive-by shooting. The firearm was also presented as evidence. The police also stated that the passenger was freed from the crime scene.

Seattle Police Department’s Facebook page shows that many people were unhappy with the actions of the man arrested. They also lament the way criminals get away with their crimes.

  • “This is sad on all sides,” one commenter said. “Those stray bullets could have injured or killed an innocent person. Please tell me this though, you didn’t see this coming?! Criminals are running rampant, and the victims have no support or recourse. Police can’t chase the stolen vehicles, and the prosecutors are not holding criminals accountable. It was and is only a matter of time.”
  • “The bad guys won again in Seattle,” another commenter wrote.
  • “I just wanna know if he’ll get the same revolving door and lack of accountability violent thieves do?” another commenter wondered.
  • “SPD at this point what do we do?” another commenter asked the police. “We [are] getting our vehicles stolen. I got mine stolen a couple of weeks ago, and when it was found it was in … terrible condition. How do we protect our property?”
  • “Seattle voters [are] surprised when they get what they voted for,” another commenter observed. “NYC turned it around in the 1980s with tough-on-crime prosecutions because the public said it was too much. Seattle keeps voting for progressivism and can’t comprehend liberal utopia ideals are driving the decay.”