Evacuation Flight Allows Florida Couple Stuck in Israel to Return Home

The Florida couple Ron Neumann and Linda Neumann are two of 270 Israelis rescued on Sunday by Project DYNAMO, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and other volunteers.

Hamas terrorists attacked Israel on October 7 when the Neumanns from Melbourne, Florida were living and visiting Rehovot.

After two of their flights had been canceled, the couple was desperate and contacted the State Department. Ron, who is a Vietnam War vet and the son of Holocaust survivors, described his rescue as a miracle.

He said that he was astonished at how he got onto the plane, as a result of having no other way out. “We were in a region that was constantly bombarded.”

The Neumann poodle is also one of the four dogs that were rescued. DeSantis greeted the 270 people, four animals, and a group of veterinary staff when they arrived in Tampa on Sunday evening.