Desperate Democrats Propose Unprecedented Solution to Speaker Crisis

Since Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s ouster, the fight for House Speaker is a saga.

Finding a replacement on which everyone can agree has been a difficult task.

Steve Scalise, R-LA, was the first. He then dropped out because he did not have the votes.

Jim Jordan, R-OH, is now the nominee. McCarthy also backed him. Jordan’s supporters seem to be gaining momentum, with many people who were previously noncommittal or no-commitment now pledging their support.

The question is whether Jordan will have enough to vote, or if too many will hold out. It seems that he is very close to the threshold, but it’s still not clear, as the vote is scheduled for Tuesday.

Mike Rogers, R-AL, also tried to reach a compromise with the Democrats. As we previously reported, he now has his full support for Jordan. This is a pretty clear indication that Jordan has the ability to rally troops and command support.

Democrats are screaming: How do you know Jordan is a good choice?

What are the people doing?

The proposal of Rep. Brad Sherman, D-CA, shows how desperate they really are. But it’s funny.

Sherman stated, “I could imagine President George W. Bush as Speaker of the House.” “He could return.” I don’t like the way that the Iraq war was conducted. He went on to state that “any reasonable Republican is someone that Democrats can work with if it’s part of systems.”

That’s hilarious. “Any reasonable Republican”, anyone Democrats can support. It’s even funnier if you consider how Democrats have demonized Bush before. Sherman doesn’t seem to have a good grasp of the Republican mind when he says this. This is a non-event. At this point the Democrats are just throwing out things, hoping that something will stick. They’re trying to block Jordan from becoming Speaker.

Why would Republicans throw a current candidate under the bum so that they can get what the Democrats want to throw in? The Republican base wants someone who can address issues that are never addressed and understands current problems.

Sherman’s ideas were not embraced by either the left or right.