Elon Musk Smack Talking Biden on Twitter

Joe Biden’s State of the Union Dumpster Fire speech Tuesday night highlighted environmental justice as one of the most meaningless buzz words. He spoke out about his administration’s goal to “build an entire national network of 500,000 electric car charging stations.”

Trump also boasted that American companies are building new factories here instead of going overseas. Biden thanked Ford and GM for their efforts in building more electric vehicles across the country. Biden believes that electric cars are good news for the environment.

Biden stated that Ford is investing $11 Billion in electric vehicles and creating 11,000 jobs in the United States. “GM is making the largest investment in its history, $7 billion to create electric vehicles and 4,000 jobs in Michigan,” Biden stated.

Biden was absent from the speech, as well as the tweet that was posted by the person who controls Biden’s account on Twitter. Tesla CEO Elon Musk observed that Biden had again ignored him, because, unlike GM or Ford, Tesla isn’t unionized, and therefore is unworthy.

Musk replied to Biden with the following tweet: “Tesla has created more than 50,000 US jobs building electrical vehicles & is investing over twice GM + Ford combined,” before adding, “FYI, the person controlling this Twitter.”

Musk has previously called out Biden for favoritism towards unionized GM/Ford in the past. Biden met earlier this year with executives from both automakers. Biden tweeted that he meant what he said when he said the future would be made right here, America. “Companies such as GM and Ford are making more electric vehicles at home than ever before,” Biden said.

Musk responded, “Starts With a T. Ends With an A. ESL In the Middle.”

Musk later called Biden, in the same thread “a damp [sock] puppet” in human form.”